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George Washington BiographyGeorge Washington (1732 - 1799), the First President of the United States, is a prominent individual of the American history. He was commander in chief of the victorious Continental army of the American Revolution and won many important battles that helped the Americans defeat the British. During his presidential terms, he set many important precedents for the following Presidents, such as having Presidential Cabinet Members. He was nicknamed for his accomplishments as the "Father of His Country".George Washington was born on Feb. 22, 1732 in Westmoreland County, Virginia on an estate along the Potomac River. He was the oldest son of Augustine Washington and his second wife, Mary Ball Washington. When Washington was eleven, his father died and left only himself, his mother and his five other brothers and sisters. After the his father's death, Washington could not go to school because he needed to help at the family farm to acquire enough money for his family to live. In his free time he practiced land surveying for fun with his father's tools. Later, Washington started his occupation as a surveyor. When Washington turned 16, he surveyed lands of the Shenandoah for Thomas, Lord Fairfax.After his half-brother, Lawrence, had died, Washington inherited the farm and large amount of land at Mount Vernon, Virginia. Also, Lawrence was adjutant of the colony so Washington took over this responsibility. As district adjutant, he was referred to as Major Washington and was had trained the militia in the quarter he was assigned to. He first gained public awareness by being adjutant of Virginia and was sent off to warn the French to stop additional intrusion on the land of the northern colonies. He was promoted to lieutenant colonel in 1754 to carry out this task and he departed to the North. Washington found out that the French already had a set up a fort and had a large number of soldiers camped, so he quickly built Fort Necessity. However, the French surrounded and attacked Fort Necessity. The French captured Washington in this attack. Luckily, Washington was released based on the earlier agreements of the British and French. These first several battles fought were the beginnings of the French and Indian War. The next year, Washington volunteered to be the aide of General Edward Braddock because he was discouraged and angered by the defeat. At that time, Washington tried to convince Braddock to use the style of fighting of the Native Americans, but Braddock disagreed and used the regular fighting technique. Braddock was mortally wounded in this battle and Washington was nearly injured because of four bullets that ripped his coat and two horses that were shot from under him.After the French and Indian War, Washington was 26 years old and fell in love with Martha Dandridge Custis. She was a wealthy widow with her two children, Martha "Patsy" and John Parke. They married and moved to Mount Vernon where Lawrence once lived. Washington...

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3378 words - 14 pages the beginning of the war” (Barnett, 161). This is when the British realized that the French were not going to leave the territory, and thus put up a fight to maintain what they believed was there land. This would begin the journey for George Washington and his involvement into the French and Indian war. From this point on Washington set out in a journey to take the land of the French, and with this he would bring the colonist into direct

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1290 words - 6 pages land was taken from the loser. Based on the result of the French and Indian War, the Indians were in disastrous situation. They would lose their land because the Ohio River Valley was what the two sides were fighting for, and that meant a loss of their property. “The Ohio Valley tribes continued to struggle with both the British and Americans for control of the region for another half century. But, outnumbered and divided among themselves, they

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1336 words - 5 pages The French and Indian war also known as the Seven Years war lasted from 1754 to 1763. The French and Indian war altered relations between the British and American colonies through political, economical and ideological aspects. The war was fought between the English and the American colonists in what was called the New World.The war that raged in North America through the late 1750's and early 1760's was but one part of the larger struggle

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1193 words - 5 pages enforced the navigation laws. Due to the war debts because of the French and Indian War, the British began to impose taxes on the colonist: the Sugar Act 1764, Quartering Acts 1765, and the Stamp Act 1765. The Sugar Act was the first law passed by Parliament to increase the tax revenue on foreign sugar, this led to other unfair taxes on the paper and stamps, other issues would be the fact that the colonist were forced to give up their homes and

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1563 words - 6 pages The French and Indian War, a continuation of the Seven Years War that ransacked Europe from 1756 to 1763, had turned out to be the bloodiest and one of the most destructive American wars in the 18th century. Taking more lives than the American Revolution, it cosisted of people living on three continents, including the Caribbean islands. The war was a product of an imperial skirmish, between the French and English over colonial territory and

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958 words - 4 pages The French and Indian War was a conflict in North America in which Great Britain fought France and their Native American allies. It lasted from 1756 until 1763, so it was also known as the Seven Years War. At the peace conference in 1763, the British received Canada from France and Florida from Spain, but permitted France to keep its West Indian sugar islands and gave Louisiana to Spain. The treaty strengthened the American colonies

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