George Washington: The Father Of His Country

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Who do you think is America’s most iconic hero? In my opinion George Washington is America’s most iconic hero of all. The reason why is because what other United States president can say he freed us from the ruthless rule of Great Britain and King George, or say he helped write and brainstorm the ideas for the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution of the United States? George Washington was America’s first true hero that was born in this great country we all proudly call the United States. George Washington is the best example of an American hero because he has done so many things to get us to where we are today. This will be depicted by his contributions, his work, his titles, ...view middle of the document...

Without him, America could have been changed as we know it. He was a general in the American Revolution and he fought alongside his troops on the battlefield and all of his troops respected him for that. He helped raise the morale of his troops in Valley Forge after a very long bitter winter without many supplies and many sick and injured troops, and somehow brought them back to be ready and excited to take down the British Empire.
George Washington was involved in a lot of government things before the revolution even started. He was a part of the military and he was slowly rising in rank as he went along. He always gave it his all. He fought in smaller battles and small wars but nothing could prepare him for what was around the corner (the American Revolution). The revolution would be one of the biggest tasks of his life he had small knowledge of what was coming up. All he really knew was that the people were angry with the British. He would have to dive head first into this whole madness. I don’t know how he was feeling with all of this going on but if it were me, I think I would cave under the pressure. I always wonder how he got through it. He must have been a guy that could withstand stress and pressure and still have a clear mind. I will go deeper into what he did in the revolution in the next paragraph.
One way George Washington was a hero was in the American Revolution. The reason why is because no matter what the consequences, he always stood up for what he believed in and he would stick with it no matter what. Another thing that made him a hero in his troop’s eyes would be that he would fight alongside them in battle no matter and if they were fighting he was fighting. He would always find a way to use his words to bring up the morale of his troops. If they were down, sick, tired, or just sick of the war, he would find a way to bring them back into it and make them want to fight for freedom again. He would also do whatever was best for his troops, not just whatever would make him look good as a leader. He wouldn’t send his troops in on a suicide mission to where no matter how hard they fought they would still lose. So instead, even if they were outnumbered, he would use a strategy or a tactic to outsmart the enemy so they could take them down. This proves he is a hero by showing how he put others before his reputation. He would always do what was best for the group and it showed how he would lead them and stay in battle with them until the end.
This next section shows how he was a hero in his presidency. There are tons of good things he did for his country during his presidency so here are just a few of the examples. He helped set up the government that we still use today. The people wanted him to be their king but he refused because he said that was the whole reason we were fighting for freedom because we didn’t want to have a king. So instead of a king, he was their president for two terms. The people really liked him being their...

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