George Washington: The Original Statesman And Ideal Leader Of America

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George Washington, born on the 22nd of February 1732 was indeed a Statesman of the highest caliber. As we see in chapter 12 ‘Understanding Politics’. There are many things required to reach a status of Statesman including: Pursuit of the public good, Practical wisdom, political skills, opportunity, and good fortune. All of these and more are prevalent in George Washington’s life.

Columbus found what he thought to be India in 1492, which later would be colonized by the first American settlers still under the British flag. During their time in America these British colonists fought the Indians (named due to Columbus’s first thought that he had landed in India) and In 1753, George Washington received an assignment from the Virginia military to take a letter to the French (who also wished to colonize America) This letter would lead to a war against the French and the Indians both.
In these battles the early colonists required aid of the British armies and fought alongside them. Due to the cost of Britain’s provided protection from the French the colonists had been unfairly taxed on all sorts of items. The unfair taxation lead up to the Boston Massacre in 1770, when British troops sent to help collect taxes killed 5 of the colonists.

These events and many others led up to the creation of the continental congress of which Washington was appointed Commander in Chief of the Continental army and in such showing Washington’s political skills and military skills.

Washington knew that the signing of the declaration of independence would mean war with Britain, but also that this was a necessary evil as it was the only way to achieve independence. Washington needed the proper environment to thrive and become a model Statesman and this environment, or ‘luck of the draw’ opportunity came in the form of American Revolution. The Revolutionary War was a call to action for Washington against the British whose unfair practices had directly led to the Boston Massacre and the Boston Tea party of 1767.

During the American Revolution, Washington held the importance of our unified nation, and would often tell the soldiers they are not of their state, but rather of their country or as another figure head of the time would have said “We must all hang together, or we shall most assuredly all hang separately” –Benjamin Franklin at the signing of the declaration of independence.

Washington quickly became a beloved man of the people through his position as Commander in Chief during the revolutionary war and would later become a prominent figure-head in the ratification of the United States Constitution. George Washington was most notably a federalist, or one who argued for a larger more central “Federal” government.

During this time people across the nation where both for and against a large government, yet George Washington saw the inevitability of it all and (following the teachings of philosopher and ideologists like John Locke) helped bring about...

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