Proposal To Have Turkey Be The Solution To Problems In The Middle East

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The current United States foreign policy regarding the Middle East is flawed in concept and a shift in priorities are in order to alleviate tension between Islamic nations and the US. For decades the United States has sought Israel as the gateway towards peace in the Middle East, but this strategy is defective. Many nations of the Middle East, including Iran, Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan, the UAE, and Pakistan, are Islamic theocracies. A Judaic nation cannot be the key towards successful Islamic relations, and years of strained diplomacy have proven this.
Seeing this, an alternative method towards a reciprocal relationship between the US and the Islamic theocracies is in order. The only route to understanding between the Middle East and the United States must be an Islamic mediator. The ideal candidate for this role is Turkey.
Turkey, historically the bridge between Europe and Asia, is a superb combination of both Eastern and Western culture and ideology. The religious make of up Turkey is 99% Muslim, but the government fairs similar to the United States. In fact, Turkey is a secular, representative democratic republic not unlike that of Western culture. Furthermore, the Islamic nation is a modern world power that achieves 73 years of age life expectancy, a 94% literacy rate, and a 1.14 trillion dollar economy that is largely free-market. Turkey is clearly a nation that is not only relatable to the Islamic theocracies of the Middle East but a progressive power of the East.
The United States and the European Union ought to work in unison to ally with Turkey. For years Turkey has sought inclusion in the European Union, yet repeatedly the EU has extended entrance requirements in order to prevent accession. Today, the primary opponent to Turkish admittance is Austria, a nation that headed Christian Europe against the Ottoman Empire. What should be ancient history is the leading stigma towards Turkish accession in both the European and United States spheres. Archaic prejudice is dangerous towards Western...

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