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Georgia is ready to be included in the development of contingency planning and CJTF operations to address the Caucasus’ regional instability. Georgia will be a key partner in the establishment of a coalition joint task force (CJTF) as long as some specific operational concerns are addressed. These concerns include the foundational establishment of the multinational force, the key communications messages that are sent to the Georgian public and alignment of doctrine and training to ensure operational integration of Georgian forces into the CJTF. Georgia has a significant desire to be a member of NATO and because of this goal most of our operational considerations have been addressed or are easily addressed through the ongoing continued engagement by NATO. Georgian participation in current military operations will allow for a relatively easy integration and partnership as a key member of the NATO CJTF.

Georgia is at the hub of the south Caucasus region which is a current and historical crossroads for political and commercial activities. The region has significant strategic impact because of the large oil and gas reserves as well as the strategic oil and gas transit routes that cross this region. Georgia shares borders with three NATO partners (Armenia, Azerbaijan and Russia), and with Turkey a current NATO ally. Our NATO Allies and partners in this region have similar security risks that the rest of NATO faces, such as terrorism and WMD proliferation. NATO’s goals in the region are to facilitate stability and security to therefore improve the opportunities for economic and social development.

NATO and Georgia have developed a significant relationship since the first interactions of the early 1990’s. Georgia now has a permanent diplomatic mission at NATO Headquarters and NATO has a permanent liaison office in the capital city of Tblisi. Georgia’s strategic security policy is founded on establishment of secure, democratic, stable region and country. Georgia continues to develop defense cooperation with partner countries and organizations through cooperation with NATO. Georgia is in the ongoing process of implementing democratic, electoral, defense and security sector reforms in order to facilitate its goal of full membership in the NATO alliance.

Recently, Georgia has been an active participant in the International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) Afghanistan operations including the deployment of 2 infantry battalions, security personnel and staff officers that have represented Georgia as the largest non-NATO participant in the ISAF. They also have historically been an active participant in other NATO missions such as KFOR. Georgia’s recent and historical experiences as active partners with NATO allies has allowed the Georgian defense forces and the Georgian government to be primed for active participation in future planning and operations in the Caucasus region. ...

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