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Georgia's Day In The New Ice Age

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It was February twenty eighth of the year 2014, the day everyone in Georgia thought the world was going to end! It started out as any regular day, society getting up in the morning going to work, school, and running errands the usual. No one thought that for once the weather forecast was actually right. No one knew that by the end of the day Georgia would be a new ice age. For me the day started at nine am on the dot. Something was very different about today, I was very hesitant. Something was telling me not to go to school, so I was taking my time to get ready. Finally, I was ready to go and the moment I walked outside it started snowing. I walked back into my house, I started pacing back ...view middle of the document...

It was cold outside and I wasn’t dressed for the weather. As I was walking the traffic got lighter and this couple in a four wheeler stopped and I asked me if I needed a ride. Usually I would say no but it was freezing out, so I hopped in the car. I was surprised with how nice they were for giving a complete stranger a ride. They simply dropped me off at home and went about their way, without them I could have been walking for hours” Angelica expressed to me. As for future snow storms Angelica says, “I’m just going to stay home and prepare ahead of time.” Honestly in reality none of us were prepared for the snow day.
In fact the snow day didn’t last one day but actually about three days! It was Wednesday afternoon and I was getting ready to go to work until I received an alarming phone call from my manager Deborah. “Victoria, don’t come to work today the roads are still iced over; my car swerved off the road and got stuck in a body of snow” Deborah exclaimed. I said, “Are you okay now, where are you”? She said, “I am fine now and at home, a few people got out of their vehicles and pushed my car out of the snow for me”. I felt relieved to hear that, and then we started conversing about the snow day. “I should have learned my lesson from yesterday. I was on my way home from work when it started and I was stuck in traffic for eight hours! It usually only takes me thirty minutes to get home. There were so many car crashes, people slipping and sliding everywhere. Next time I will make sure I’m prepared and stay home, no job is worth being stuck in traffic for eight hours”, Deborah told me. Then I asked her if she was surprised people helped her. She told me, “Actually yes, I was scared and helpless I thought I would be out there for hours, it just goes to show when times get rough people do come together.” In conclusion I didn’t make that journey to work.
Furthermore, it was pretty safe to drive on the roads by Friday, and I was excited about that. Considering I missed two days of school and work due to the inclement weather. As I was driving down the roads I noticed they were sanded down, but I was still cautious on my voyage to work. I arrived at work at five in the afternoon and it was pretty idle at first. I was standing by the entrance when my co-worker’s older sibling John walked in. John appeared to be in pain and I wanted to be nosey so I sat down with him and we began to chat. I questioned, “What happened”? “Oh boy on the second day of snow, I had gotten out in the afternoon and I was trying to help a few people push their cars out the ice. Me and another guy was pushing a car uphill to try to get it out the ice, and it ended up slipping backwards and actually clipping my ribs. I fractured two of my lower ribs that day. Since the roads are just now being clear I didn’t have an opportunity to go to the doctor until today.” John told me.
“What exactly happened to you on the snow day?” I...

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