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Geothermal Energy Essay

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Sustainability is the ability for a resource to be reused many times over a period of time without diminishing, usually because it is being regenerated

in order for a city to be sustainable, the city must be built/powered using sustainable sources. (e.g., solar power, stone, poplar wood (trees grow 8-10 feet/year), etc.)

thought question

We need to start using more renewable energy sources. Currently, much of global warming can be contributed to the greenhouse effect, a process strengthened by CO2 the gas released from burning coal and other fossil fuels.
If we continue to use coal and other fossil fuels to generate electric energy, we will quickly run of fossil fuels, and we "need" ...view middle of the document...

Our environment would cease being dragged down by the rising amount of greenhouse gas emissions (about 400 ppm now) and we could still continue using the tremendous amount of electricity that we do.

Geothermal energy back to the Native Americans who used it for cooking 10,000 years ago. In the 1st Century C. E., in Pompeii, a Roman city, bathwater was heated by geothermal energy. In Iceland 92% of the house heating comes directly from Geothermal Energy sources. The United States is currently the largest producer (kilowatt-hour) of Geothermal Energy.

The ratio of Advantages to Disadvantages is very far apart, so there are many reason to use Geothermal Energy; to reiterate, Geothermal Energy has much more advantages than disadvantages, that justifies use of it as a fossil fuel alternative energy. Some advantages are that: (a) Geothermal Energy is available virtually in any part of the world. This helps keep us from relying on one source or a few sources for the majority of our power;
(b) Geothermal Energy does not release any greenhouse gasses or CO2. This means that Geothermal Energy will help to prevent the potential environmental disaster that we see before us;
(c) "The cost of energy varies between 5 and 10 cents per kilowatt-hour." (Lund, Encyclopedia Britannica: Geothermal Energy) This makes it comparable to coal (which is only slightly less expensive on the lower end, and looking at a rising price due to it becoming increasingly difficult to find), our primary material used to produce electricity; and
(d) It is not cut off by the rise of the moon or the halt of the wind; it is available any time of day since it does not rely on phenomena that is external from the earth's crust (e. g., our earth's core will not lose heat any time soon, but the sun will set in approximately 10 hours from dawn, etc.), such as the wind.

There are three main ways Geothermal Energy is harnessed. The first way is where water directly heated by Geothermal Heat (often from natural hot springs) is used for purposes that normal boiling water would be, such as bathing and/or cooking. The second method, which will be explained in more depth later, is to process the Geothermal Energy through a power plant to convert it to Electric Energy, which will be provided to power electric appliances or other electronic devices. The third, and final, method of harnessing Geothermal Energy is to use Geothermal Heat to heat buildings, or other structures.

The United States is currently the largest producer of geothermal energy; however, that doesn't mean they use it the most compared to other energy sources. Iceland has the highest percentage use of geothermal energy, with a colossal 30% of...

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