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Gerald Ford Journey To Presidency Essay

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Gerald Ford was our 38th president. He was born July 14,1913 in Omaha,Nebraska. As a baby he lived with only his mother and grandmother because his biological father had threatened his mother soon after he was born. His mom got remarried and then moved in with his new step father.In his early years as a child he became a boy scout and reached the highest rank as an eagle scout. In high school he was very athletic. He was the captain of his high school football team and finally learned about his biological father at the age of 17..He then attended The University Of Michigan on a football scholarship and graduated with a bachelors of arts degree in economics. After graduating he received many ...view middle of the document...

Richard Nixon resigned from his position on August 8,1974 . One day later on August 9,1974 Gerald Ford was sworn into presidency as our 38th president of the USA. Ford was apart of the republican party.His vice president was Nelson Rockefeller. His term in office lasted until January 20,1977. He only served 3 years in office. Gerald Ford died in December 26,2006. He was the last surviving member of the Warren Commission. He died in his home in California at the age of 93 he was made the longest lived president of the US. Him and his wife who had a total of 4 children together are also the longest lived presidential couple.
One major event that happened during Gerald Ford’s term in office was on July 23,1976 . The American Legion arrived in Philadelphia to celebrate the bicentennial of U.S. independence. Afterwards many began suffering from a mysterious form of pneumonia . It soon became known as the legionnaires disease. Around 4,000 people from the American Legion from Pennsylvania at The Bellevue-Stratford Hotel in Philadelphia for a four-day gathering. After the event ended days later ,many people who attended that event became very sick. By august...

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