Gerard Baden Clay, The Murder And Disappearance Of His Wife Forensics Case Study

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1. Develop a timeline of events leading up to and including the crime. Include information such as people that the suspect knew and his involvement/relationship with them.
Gerard Baden-Clay married Allison in 1997 when they then had 3 kids together. In 2008 Gerard Baden-Clay met Toni McHugh through his work as a real-state agent which is when their affair began. Barely a year later a women named Melissa Romano and Gerard had phone calls about real-estate where she claimed he said "I'm looking for someone to kill my wife," however Melissa did not report the call. In 2011 Allison found out about the affair and Gerard had told her that he had ended it however after only a short period after he reconnected with Toni whilst still with Allison, telling her he would be out of his marriage by July 1. He received a call from his lover and former employee Toni McHugh on April 19, 2012 That was the day Baden-Clay realised that both women would be attending the Real Estate Institute of Queensland's conference the next day. Gerard called the police at around 7:30 am on the 20th of April to report Allison missing. He told police the affair with Toni was over, but emails found showed a different story. On April the 23rd her parents make a public appeal for help to find their daughter. The 30th of April 2012 on the 11th day of the search a body was found in a creek near their home and on the 1st of May it was confirmed as Allison's body. It is believed to be a planned murder and a theory of the events of the night involved him dragging her across the back patio after he killed her (with some struggle) before lifting her into the car and dumping her in the creek where she would hopefully be left to wash away.
1. List the processes police followed in solving this crime.
The police first ruled their family home as a crime scene and started an investigation there whilst a search for Allison continued and lots of the community gathered. They called Allison's phone many times however it only went to voicemail. When investigating the home, they find lots of evidence especially in the car, however the main piece of the puzzle was found when Allison's body was recovered from the creek. It was the leaves found in her hair identified by a botanist that matched 6 species of plants found in Alison's home and only 2/6 were found in the area the body was found. In court Gerard took to the stand however it did not help the case as he plainly lied" on oath and that testimony...

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