German Discrimination (Eth 125) Essay

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The ethnic group in which I personally belong to is German. In this paper I will discuss and explain if German immigrants colonized or if they immigrated to the United States. I will also use factual information to determine if Germans faced prejudice, segregation, racism or any combination of the three. I will also explain if Germans participated in forms of discrimination such as; environmental justice issues, affirmative action, redlining, double jeopardy, institutional discrimination, reverse discrimination, and glass ceiling, glass walls, or glass escalator.Germans immigrated to the United States of America in a significant capacity around the late 1600's. Germans wanted to escape the violent hardships they faced. Germany was attacked repeatedly by armies of various nationalities and German citizens wanted to escape violent robberies, being tortured, murder, and villages being burnt down killing numerous people who inhabited them. Germans also wanted to flee their country because of poverty, persecution by their government, and overcrowded population growth. German rulers attempted to put a stop to the flow of German citizens leaving Germany, but this had little to no effect.The development of a settlement by Germans immigrating to America began in the 17th Century. Pioneer Francis Daniel Pastorius, born in Sommerhausen (near Wurzburg), together with 13 Mennonites & Quaker families from Krefeld, are the founders of the first German settlement in GermantownPennsylvania near what is now Philadelphia on October 6, 1683. The first Germans to arrive in the United States of America can be traced back to the year 1608. The first Germans settled in the colony of Jamestown, Virginia. During 1709 approximately 15,000 Germans left for Britain and 3,000 crossed the Atlantic to New York. In 1745 there were an estimated 45,000 Germans living in Pennsylvania alone. German immigration continued during the nineteenth century with the largest arrivals coming between 1840 and 1900.After reviewing numerous websites my research reveled little to no evidence until World War I where German immigrants faced prejudice, segregation, or racism when living in America. The only segregation prior to World War I that is noted occurred during the nineteenth century, divisions among Germans and German Americans. These divisions were a result of geography, ideology, and religion differences. According to Immigration a Journey to America (2005) stated, "German immigrants came into America they sought out farmlands and blended in with the population." The Germans were easily accepted as "white" and they kept to themselves. Throughout America 'Little Germanys" were showing up in numerous locations. These German towns were wonderful for the Germans who wanted to remain close to others of their ethnicity, but most were content to live the farm life. The agricultural industry was very popular for Germans. In fact Germans made up one third of the agricultural industry in...

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