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Germany Post World War Ii Essay

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Michaela McLeay
World History
Germany Post War
April. 21, 2014

World War II caused many problems for Germany. Since the war, Germany has had to rebuild and clean up many towns. Germany did many tasks after the war to help with the war effort. Many citizens loved ones died causing many grievances within the country. The people of Germany all want to reconstruct there country because it is in ruins. In order for the country to become better and more sanitary they have a division of lands, change in government and many people cleaning up. The German people too actions to cleanup and rebuild.
Germany had to take many steps to rebuild after World War II. After the war some people ...view middle of the document...

This caused Germany to be divided into two continents because the allies and soviets disagreed on. a lot. In the East of Germany was a Communist government and West Germany was democratic. As time went on the Russian's took over countries in Europe to make Russia Communist. This division of Europe caused the Cold War to begin (English Online) .
There were many challenges that occurred in the aftermath of World War II. One of the problems was Berlin Germany's capital was in the Russian Zone. In order to try and get Berlin out, the problem in Berlin. The Germans tried to drive the western powers by blocking all routes to the city. The biggest task to accomplish was to rebuild Europe. To achieve this, they set up the Marshall Plan. " Eighteen nations received thirteen billion dollars worth of food and other goods" ( English Online) .
The cleanup of Germany after the war was a lot of rebuilding and picking up bombs. The ground is little red with objects including rockets, grenades, and bombs ( Six Decades after War, Cleanup is a Constant) . It is estimated that seventy percent of houses were gone. Factories, workshops, fields, forests were are torn apart. Some areas of North China were flooded. (Rebuild the War after the Second World War II) . The war totaled $239 billion dollars in damage (United States History) .
The architecture after the war was all in ruins. The plan was to undo past mistakes by modernizing. They had to renovate and in some cases rebuild. The most important goal was to clear all the rubble away. The rebuilding had to be done quickly, so some things were not very well thought out. Many people had to camp out of their ruined homes for months (Out of the Ashes) .
Germany had 2 million people homeless after the war. Many people escaped and other Nazis got driven from their home lands. Many relatives were missing and children were without their parents ( BBC News) .
The bomb squads helped with the cleaning up of the nations. They have been doing this for over sixty years. These bomb squads searched the woods, and looked in the ponds and browse through construction zones and backyards. Most of the bombs are stable, meaning they will will not go off unless you take a torch to them. The bomb squads covered 250 acres of land. Some bomb shells lay on the surface, but then some are thirty feet deep ( Six Decades after war, Cleaning is a constant) .
The Nazis Party ruled Germany...

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