Germany's Downfall Essay

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Rough Draft (D-Day)

The invasion of Normandy lasted from June 6th, 1944 to August 1994. It brought great effects to World War II but mainly Germany. It was a turning point in the war. The loss of D-Day caused the German army to weaken in power, leading to their downfall in World War II.
When the Americans and the Allies invaded Normandy, Germany military reserves were extremely low. The German leaders had not expect them to attack that day and left the headquarters of Normandy. “Confident that the rough seas and heavy cloud cover had postpone any invasion plans for a while, Rommel drove off to visit his family at their home in Southern Germany. Additionally, most of Rommel’s command staffs headed inland to a military conference,” (The History Place) which implied that they were not prepared to defend against the Allied forces. The German leaders had expected the Americans and Allied forces to come, but they didn’t expect any attacks on that day due to the big storm. Since the leaders decided to take the day off, they faced the consequences when Germany had lost the battle. In addition, there wasn’t enough people defending Normandy. Since “many Germans believed that the massive landings in Normandy were merely a feint to draw their reserves away from Pas de Calais,” (Richard J) they responded by defending Pas de Calais. Unfortunately for the Germans, Normandy’s defenses fell due to the lack of people because they assumed wrong. The invasion of Normandy wasn’t a distraction, so the Americans and Allied were able to win the battle of D-Day because of the German’s low reserves. The Germans didn’t realize until it was too late. And yet, Hitler did not allow any reinforcements. He “...did not believe that D-Day was the real American and Allied invasion point. Rommel pleaded to Hitler for reinforcements, but Hitler refused,” (All Empires) which tells how German lost its future battles. Even though, Germany had over fifty divisions at Normandy, their commanders were not present. Hitler still refused to allow any reinforcements. His actions led the Nazi to be defeated in the battle and the war.
At the same time, the Germans became much more advance which benefited them in the war. The German’s forces were very powerful compared to the Allied. “The Allied…were together in superior in industrial resources, population, and military manpower, but the German Army…because of its armament, training, doctrine, discipline, and fighting spirit was the most efficient and effective fighting force for its size in the world.” (Encyclopedia Britannica) Due to these reasons, they were able to conquer many countries. They were advanced in many areas that contributed to their force. Furthermore, the Germans had superior infantry divisions. “It was the qualitative superiority of the German infantry divisions and the number of their armoured divisions that made the difference in 1939. The firepower of a German infantry divisions far exceeded that of a French,...

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