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Germany And The United Kingdom Essay

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Germany and the United Kingdom
All countries in our world share many similarities and differences. This allows each country to learn from one another’s failures and successes. Two of the countries that have similar and different ways that they run their country is Germany and the United Kingdom. These countries each have their own style of how they choose to run their countries. Both Germany and the United Kingdom are democracies in the world, however they have many differences between the two. Germany has a constitution, simple branches of government, a complicated electoral system, and interactive local government. On the other hand, the United Kingdom has no written constitution, a complex branches of government, an intricate electoral system, and an almost non-existent local government. In simple terms above, it is seen that Germany and the United Kingdom have similarities and differences with their political institutions, branches of government, the electoral system, and local government.
Political institutions in both countries are very different. Germany has its own Constitution, which is also known as The Basic Law. It was developed after East and West Germany had come back together after splitting up following World War II. East and West Germany were being ran by different countries, so this constitution originally belonged to West Germany. The basic law has five aspects to it: Cooperative federalism, basic political, social, and economic rights, a head of state, political power is given to the head of the government, and the creation of a judiciary (O’Neil, Fields, Share) The Constitution is Germany’s one and only political institution and they use it for anything and everything in their country. “The Basic Law can be amended by a two-thirds majority in both houses…however, some constitutional features, such as Germany’s federal system and individual rights, cannot be altered” (O’Neil, Fields, Share). This shows that there is some room for the people’s thoughts and opinions and what they want to do for their country, but at the same time it protects the basic rights that all people deserve to have so that no one can take them away, like they were in the past. The political institutions in the United Kingdom are very different of those in Germany. The United Kingdom does not have a written constitution (The British Constitution). This means that unlike Germany and the United States, the United Kingdom does not have a tangible paper that has the basic laws and rights written down on them for all citizens. “The constitution is generally understood to include a number of written documents and unwritten rules that most British citizens view as inviolable” (O’Neil, Fields, Share). The United Kingdom bases their constitution on documents that have developed in the past. Power lies with Parliament in the United Kingdom, so without a written constitution, the people of the state truly do not get much of a say. Therefore, from a political...

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