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Germs Spread Though The Cough Essay

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I was sitting in the library, looking up some books on the computer. I jumped at the sound of "A-choo" and suddenly felt a spritz of some stranger's snot on the back of my arm. This stranger sat down at the computer next to me, minding his own business until he leaned over with bloodshot eyes and a hoarse throat and said, "Do you have a Kleenex?" I didn't and he continued to ask people around him, but no one seemed to have one. "A-choo." Another sneeze interrupted everyone's quiet study atmosphere; I noticed the boy cover his nose desperately thinking of what he could possibly do with the snot that was now in his hand, without a Kleenex. Not knowing that I was watching, the boy quickly wiped the excess snot from his nose (with his hands), rubbed his hands together, and then rubbed it off on his sweatshirt. Today I'm going to tell you why you should do your best to stop the spread of germs by covering your coughs and sneezes. As college students, we definitely aren't the healthiest people around, but also many people are sick during this time of season change and you could be the next to receive some sickness. I've been doing some research in the past couple of weeks on the tiny germs that cause sickness all because one person didn't cover their cough. I'm going to tell you about how easily germs spread, how other people feel about it, and things you can do to stop the spreading. So let's get rid of our germs, by first seeing how easy they spread.Germs are tiny living things that can only be seen under a microscope. A line of one thousand germs could fit across the top of a pencil so just imagine how many germs come out of a sneeze. Germs not only are in sneezes and coughs, but also in food, water, and everything you touch. They can live on a surface for more than two hours. Once the germs get into your body, the begin to multiply and within a few hours there may be millions of bacteria in your body. These germs will cause pains, aches, fevers, colds, and even the common...

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