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Gerontology AssessmentHannah ForbesGerontology06/27/2014The goal of this assessment is to look in to the life of Sarah Halbert, my grandmother on my mom's side. She is 79 years-old, and lives with her husband Robert and her sister Lois, whom she takes care of. She is in good physical shape and does everything on her own, but her short term memory is starting to go downhill. She was just diagnosed with COPD not too long ago due to her closet smoking that she thinks no one knows about and she just had a clot removed from her neck vein, but other than that she has no other limitations. In this assessment, I want to learn more about her life and, also make some suggestions to her on things that can improve her quality of life. While spending four days with my grandmother we went through a serious of questions, recommendations, and improved on some small changes around the house and in her daily life.We first talked about her view on health and wellness. She started off by saying that, a healthy attitude is the key to accepting changes in cognitive and physical function. She also said when she was younger she defined health and wellness as the ability to be at an ideal weight, exercise daily, and having no physical limitations. She says as you age so does your mind set on health and wellness. Her idea of health and wellness now is just being able to do everything she needs to do without help. She stated, "I am 79 years old and a lot of people do not make it to my age and if they do they are not in the physical shape that I am in, so now my goal is to stay in the rare percentile of 79 and in good active shape."Even though she is 79 years old she still worries about her image just as much as any other female. She makes statements like "I'm getting too fat" or "I have to put on makeup before I leave the house". Sarah does not belong to any health promotion group, but she tends to find ways to stay active on her own. Her husband has poorly controlled diabetes and has had a serious of mini strokes over the past two years. She manages his medicine and physically supports him at times to get up stairs, get dressed, or get in and out of his vehicle. Her sister has lived with them over the past 10 or so years and she also has poorly controlled diabetes, severe kyphosis, and can't really go outside the house without a wheelchair. Sarah is responsible for getting her from point A to point B in her wheel chair and also responsible for assisting her around their house. Also my grandparents own a 100 acre farm where they run 30 cows, produce tobacco, and roll and sale hay. Since Robert over the past two years has had these serious of mini strokes, Sarah has had to step in and help with the farm more such as stripping tobacco, driving the tractor for hay hauling, and getting up cows. With all of this going on in her life Sarah says, "I don't have time to participate in a set exercise regiment and I don't need to. My life right now consist of more health promotion...

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