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Traditionally, my family celebrates holidays with board games and dominos. As soon as we finish eating, we pull out the games and play for hours on end. It has been this way since before I was born. Naturally, we have our favorites: at least one round of “chicken foot” is a requirement at any family function; “clue” has and always will be a family favorite; “family cranium” has grown slowly grown on us over the years. However, just as any tradition, we have to spice it up every year to prevent the transition into boring routine. This typically entails a new game to try out and, of course, we trust that all verbal directions are correct. But it was just last Thanksgiving that this assumption led to an unwanted squabble.
My cousin Sabrina had married her long-time boyfriend, Matt, in July of last year. She was the first of all the grandkids to get married, leaving poor Matt as the guinea pig for the family’s teaching skills. We started with a comical and relaxed game of “chicken foot” which Matt caught onto with ease (and he very nearly won the game!). Next, we played “catchphrase” for a good 30 minutes. Matt impressed all of us with his speed and skill in the game, but Sabrina later revealed to us that Matt was practically addicted to the game; that was all he and his friends had done at his bachelor’s party in late June. We waited until the Cowboy’s game started before we dragged out the “clue” game board. Everyone was surprised to see that Matt wanted to play rather than watch the game. “Do you know how to play?” my cousin Will asked. Matt chuckled. “Heck yes! I’ve been playing ‘clue’ since middle school!”
The game was going smoothly up until Matt’s second suggestion. “Ms. Peacock, in the kitchen, with the knife,” he proudly stated. We all looked down at the board. “Matt,” Will started, “your pawn is in the conservatory. You can’t suggest the kitchen if you’re in the conservatory.” “Yes you can,” Matt replied in a tense voice, “That’s how I always play.” My aunt Shelley smiled calmly as she explained, “Matt, that’s not how you play. There would be no point in having dice if it were that way.” Then she laughed, “We actually read the instructions on this game!” “But that’s not fair!” Matt was upset. “Rolling dice is a matter of chance; it has nothing to do with skill. Your game could be completely ruined with one bad roll. That’s why I’ve always played this way!” Shelley tried to calm him down, “I see your point but Matt, rules are rules. We’re going to follow them.” “I get your concept but luck is what makes the game fun,” Will added. Matt stood, “Well I’m sorry but I don’t like it. I don’t want to play...

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