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Kinesthetic learners absorb information best through doing. Field trips, lab work, and hands-on approaches are great examples of how this applies to me. I have always learned best by doing something myself more than anything else.
It’s easier for me to go to a new campus and take a tour to learn the how the school functions and if I’ll like it there. Just reading the campus’s website or hearing about it from a speaker is not enough for me. I need to go the campus and check it out. The only exception is when I can’t check it out. For instance, I want to go to school at Richmond University in London. Needless to say, I can’t afford to go to England to take a campus tour, though that would be preferable. I’ve had to research the school extensively and email them with my questions to figure out if I truly want to go there.
In high school I exceled at chemistry and most other sciences because science is very hands-on ...view middle of the document...

Looking back, it makes complete sense to me. I do learn better by doing something myself than through most other learning styles.
According to the learning styles assessment, I can enhance my student life more through a few techniques; among these are drawing pictures and using photographs to illustrate ideas, use examples in my notes, and reference case studies.
For me, it’s going to be difficult to use these ideas. I don’t take good notes (another thing my learning style assessment has listed), so it’s going to be difficult to even read my handwriting to draw pictures or read examples. I’m too rushed to draw pictures during a lecture. I’m not entirely sure how to use case studies either for some classes.
However, as I typed this, I realized that I can read the book and draw the ideas then. This will be incredibly useful in my sociology class. I have a hard time writing down what Mr. Iverson says though and only take notes when he writes on the board or mentions places to reference in the textbook. I suppose I can ask him if I can record his lectures to help me learn and take notes later.
In Transition to College, I believe I can try to do the same. Jen doesn’t talk as… well, it’s easier to understand her when she talks.
Hopefully, if I can get into these habits now, I’ll have them engrained when I go to a university. That will help me succeed in my future classes, which I’m assuming will be more difficult in a private college like Richmond.
This information may or may not be useful. If I can master the techniques described, I’m sure it will help me in my classes, but I know I take awful notes. My handwriting is simply to awful for me to read. I think what will be more beneficial is gaining the ability to write quickly and legibly. Then, I could take notes that I can read later and draw pictures from that. I can add more examples to my notes that I’ll be able to read as well. It will be most beneficial to learn how to write legibly and then learn these techniques.
“Tell me and I will forget. Show me and I may remember. Involve me and I will understand.” –Confucius 450 BC

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