Get Beyond Babel Essay Outline/Analysis English Honours Essay Outline

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Get Beyond Babel Essay Outline
I. Introduction
1. Opening sentence: “I am doomed to extinction.”
This opening statement grabbed the reader’s attention right away and makes the reader wonder; what, why, when, where, and most importantly, how. He then later adds a statistic to explain his ideas
2. Thesis: “I suspect… that we will end up speaking English in some Monoculture flatland called “Disney”.”
The thesis is hints to what the author will explain in the piece`. He did this by giving his personal prediction about the future with the use of the statistics he mentioned earlier. This opens his argument about losing languages for the next few paragraphs.
II. Body
Point A: The author shows the background for languages that may go extinct and his own personal anecdote to the topic
1. Supporting evidence: He starts his first point with a few sentences that elaborate on his first sentence about “his extinction”. He did this my discussing indirect quotes. For example: “unless we take active steps to preserve our cultural diversity…. The human race is in danger”.
2. Supporting evidence: His next point discusses his indigenous background and other indigenous peoples that are concerned about their cultures. He added facts and statistics concerning different languages spoken by different groups. For example, he said, “The Ogoni languages and culture are threatened by Nigeria’s socioeconomic realities.” This statement implies that different groups can become threats to one another. To prove this point, Wiwa elaborates and discusses conflicts that our world has compromised in aggressive ways. Towards the end of this point he said, “ Unemployment, inadequate health care, and neglect by the...

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