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Get In The Game!!!!! Essay

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GET IN THE GAMEEveryday there are lots of kids that are enthused about the game of basketball. I was enthused by the game at the age of five. From then on I was trying to learn and develop my basketball skills. I wanted to be like my idols such as Micheal "AIR" Jordan, Julius "Dr. J" Erving, Pete "Pistol" Maravich, and the little sensation Isaiah Thomas I could go on and on about the many great that I watched on television. It seems to me like basketball was a drug that I just couldn't live without and until this day I am just the same way.Me, as a person sits back on Sundays and watch Sunday Night Hoops to look at different playing styles of the game. I love to watch the spectacular dunks, and crossover moves that the players like, Allen Iverson, Baron Davis, Jason Richardson, ...view middle of the document...

See I would have to go to different camps to work on my skills I mean I have to get better to better myself for the future. I mean come on I'm to far ahead now to stop where I'm at now but it's going to be a long road. You, also have to listen to your peers I know it might not seem like a good thing to do because some of them might want to criticize you this is called constructive criticism I do the same thing though so it helps trust me on this. Everyone has to have that kind of bond between there peers, and themselves.See I wouldn't be playing this game if it wasn't for the greats like the one's I said before hand which inspired me to go out and keep up with the game. I mean if you were to see some of the highlights that those guys have you would want to be just like them. Growing up watching the greats perform gave me inspiration to go out for the basketball team at my school not worrying about what other people think or might say. You would have some of those speed bumps in your way trying to slow you down from accomplishing your goals you need those kind of people in your life to strive on. When I went out for the team I gave it my all on defense and offense you can't slack on either one see "Offense wins games and Defense wins championships" quoted from our very on special Coach Micheal Gainey. See I had mad confidence in myself getting boosts from those haters that said I wouldn't make it or that said I didn't have skills but how you like me now. So now when I pick up a ball I can fell the electricity and energy flowing through my hands, and veins into my blood it seems as if I was a holding on to power lines that was the effect it had upon me. This is why I chose to learn this game, and I hope by writing this paper that someone else that reads it will be inspired. MAN I LOVE THIS GAME!!

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