Get Rich Or Die Trying Essay

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Disregarding religion, most believe in a superior being who determines the fate of themselves and others. One believes in this spirit even though one cannot always see its motives. Mr. Rochester covets this ability to anonymously yield power over others without revealing oneself. Mr. Rochester, master of Thornfield and Jane Eyre, his governess, is attempting to be master of all, going as far as to deceive others so that his true identity and past remain hidden. In fact, Mr. Rochester plays with Jane’s emotions and even renders her “love him without looking at me [her]” (203). Mr. Rochester has total control over Jane’s feelings and her knowledge about himself. As his fervent love for Jane intensifies, Mr. Rochester forsakes deception at the cost of realizing that he can no longer be Jane’s idol; only then can he realize Jane’s independence and God’s more powerful will.
From the moment Mr. Rochester meets Jane Eyre, his governess, he exudes suspicion. He does not formally introduce himself, and instead, presses Jane about this ‘Mr. Rochester’ with whom she has to be acquainted. Even after his identity is eventually revealed, Mr. Rochester continues to frolic around Thornfield under false pretenses to mask his true self and his shady past. When a mysterious fire engulfs Mr. Rochester and his room, he tells Jane, who rushes to his aid, to not tell anyone of the fire. Even though this fire could have destroyed all of Thornfield Rochester is adamant that neither Jane nor anyone in the house know the source of the fire, which was “as he thought” (175). His vague explanations and inability respond emotionally correctly in dire situations further demonstrates his strange nature. He dresses up as a gypsy to allow Jane to unabashedly reveal her true feelings. Furthermore, when Jane encounters a tall and large woman with “thick dark hair hanging down her back” (326) who ripped her veil to shreds, Mr. Rochester—extremely perturbed—insists that it was just Jane’s imagination. Mr. Rochester is not forthcoming with his history and often leaves Jane dazzled by his “curious, designing mind” and eccentric principles (303).
In spite of his many attempts to camouflage his identity, Mr. Rochester falls in love with Jane. He wants to elope to the moon where they will be alone forever. Always a “sort of pet of his”, Jane eagerly accepts Rochester’s marriage proposal (305). Jane, who was, up until this point, forming her principles on moral teachings regardless of the opinions of others, is beginning to lose sight of religion. Mr. Rochester has temporarily achieved the ability to yield great power over Jane without revealing anything substantial. He has Jane so tightly wound around his fingers that he became “almost my hope of hope” (316). Mr. Rochester’s power over and passion for Jane is so great that Jane begins to idolize him.
Though Mr. Rochester believes that Jane has changed her morals, he is surprised when he learns that Jane is...

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