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The penny must be eliminated as quickly as possible. The United States is in massive debt and instead of cutting programs which are vital to the economy and to citizens of the United States, the United States must find ways to cut expenses in parts that are often over looked. One great way to cut down on unnecessary spending is the penny. Believe it or not, the penny, the smallest denomination of currency in the United States is a huge waste of money. The one cent denomination has no use. You can no longer “buy anything with a penny” anymore. (William) The only use the penny has is to pay for the taxes, which, can be rounded off to the nearest nickel thus obliterating the need for a penny. ...view middle of the document...

The majority of the country will ask the government for policies to make the economy better, but when presented with an opportunity, the people shy away. It is imperative that people understand that an effort must be made by use to make the nation a better place.
Many fear the current solution to the penny problem, but there is nothing to fear in dropping the penny. Many do not trust the rounding of prices that will come, but there is much data to support that dropping a useless coin from the economy will be okay. “The Brits and French” have dropped their small coinage since long ago and no news has come from any problems on the situation. (William) The French dropped their small coinage “30 years ago” and they have had no problems with it. (William)
Supporters of the penny will argue that the penny is not about its worth in currency but the homage it pays to our 16th president, Abraham Lincoln. Mr. Lincoln surely would not agree with pumping out “10 million shiny new useless” pennies every day! (William) There are countless other options to pay homage to our presidents that...

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