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After high school, most students want to go to college. However, some students do not want to begin college right after high school. This is due to financial problems or students not being ready to be apart from family. The order, in which societies and many cultures have set, for the time in a person’s life, which he should go to college, was set for a reason. Students are expected to graduate from high school, attend and graduate college, then go on to a career. Students who keep this order tend to experience all they can in their earlier years of life, and have a career in which they can use the experiences they have accumulated from college. This will in turn create a financial and ...view middle of the document...

Moreover, a student who gets pregnant in the year gap between schools will have a hard time adjusting to college life with their child. Furthermore, in a year’s time many experiences can postpone college further for students.
Students who wait a year before going back to school, have a greater chance to forget to knowledge they have obtained throughout high school because in the year off they are not using the knowledge in their everyday lives. It is a common saying that with educational information “if you do not use it, you will lose it”. The lost of knowledge after a year break from learning, will hinder students matriculation through college. Instead of building off of what students have already learned, they have to re-learn basic skills to required subjects. This sets students back compared to their peers who have that come directly out of high school, with the knowledge they have learned fresher in their minds. Take for example, those first days back to school after an eventfully summer. I remember sitting down in my math and English class and immediately my teachers handing the class a pre- course knowledge test and essay. My brain began to scramble as I tried to pull together all the things I learn in the last school year, that were required to know for the course I had just entered. If it is hard to get back on track with school for students who only took a summer break, imagine how difficult it is to get back on track it is for those who take a year off and experience many more eventful times that do not require using anything learned. Going back with education needed for ones degree, instead of moving forward hinders students’ movement throughout college.
The opportunities students are granted in college can guide what experiences students have, that will benefit their futures and careers. The one-year age difference of students, who take a year...

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