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Go Speedracer Go Essay

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Go Speed Racer Go! Yo Joe! He'll fight for freedom wherever there's trouble, G.I. Joe is there. Every time I heard that theme song I knew it was time sit back and watch the Joes stop Cobra from taking over the world. G.I. Joe was the best cartoon I had ever watched, and I had most of the shows memorized by the time it was canceled. When cancellation struck my favorite television show my world was turned asunder. Sure I could watch the reruns of all the old shows and pretend that nothing had ever happened, but that was not enough for me I needed something new to experience. That new experience came to me one day as I was surfing the channels on my TV and I happened on Speed Racer, a cartoon which had been in reruns for years, but was brand new to me. I watched that show with all the intense concentration a child of nine could muster. Speed's adventure in that episode hooked me and from that point on I have loved Speed Racer and consider it my favorite cartoon. If you will bear with me for a few moments I hope to prove that Speed Racer is a better cartoon than G.I. Joe because it has a lighter subject matter, the good guys have the cool vehicles, and it has a more realistic treatment of weapons. First of all, the plot of G.I. Joe was simple and to the point: the Joes kept Cobra from taking over the world while, Cobra kept trying time after time. As a child I questioned why Cobra would keep trying when every plan they set up fell at the hands of the Joes. I feel now that the subject of world domination was probably a little over my head. The subject involved in Speed Racer is more easily understood because it is lighter in nature than G.I. Joe's. The story of Speed Racer is based around a family of race car drivers aptly named the Racers. Speed Racer the star of the Racer family with his super car the Mach 5 races to a victory each time he takes to the track. A side story centered around Speed's long lost brother Rex Racer, who is a spy known as Racer X supplies enough action and mystery to keep even a child amused. There are no events in Speed Racer that require one to question the motives behind them for example Speed races because he wants to win, the bad guys race because somebody has to try to beat Speed, and Racer X is a spy because that is his job. All of the ideas proposed in Speed Racer are easily understood by people of all ages, while G.I. Joe sometimes ventures over the head of it's target audience. Cool futuristic technology is the cornerstone of any good action cartoon G.I. Joe and Speed Racer are no different. One notable difference between the two shows is the distribution of all the cool stuff. For example in; G.I. Joe Cobra always had all the cool vehicles like the H.I.S.S. tank and the Rattler, a vertical takeoff and landing airplane, meanwhile the Joes normal tanks and standard fighter jets. As a child I sometimes found myself pulling for the bad guys in a fight just because they had the coolest airplane or...

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