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Get Tough Like Me A Ponyboy Character Analysis

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Get Tough Like Me."In this life you've got to hope for the best, prepare for the worst and take whatever God sends." This quote by L.M. Montgomery sums up The Outsiders in one sentence-- a person never knows what will happen, but when it does, he must be ready, similar to the characters in the story. With light-brown, almost-red hair, greenish-gray eyes, and excelling in the academic and athletic field, the only thing fourteen-year-old Ponyboy Curtis lacked was common sense. Pony was an outcast, seen as "just a kid" by others because of his age, however, through every encounter, death, and complication, he matures and gradually gets over his tendency to be prejudice towards others.As an outsider in his own gang, Ponyboy often likes to be by himself to think or to read. Also, he enjoys going to the movies alone. "I'm not like them," Pony says. "And nobody in our gang digs movies and books the way I do. For awhile, I thought I was the only person in the world that did. So I loned it" (Hinton 10). In addition, Pony is a grade ahead in high school, whereas some greasers could be lucky to barely pass. He works hard in school so he can rise above being a Greaser and make something of himself.Unlike most of the Greasers, Pony is a sensitive or "soft" greaser, meaning he isn't as ruthless, and stays out of trouble. For example, "Soda fought for fun, Steve for hatred, Darry fro pride, and Two-Bit for conformity… Why does (Ponyboy) fight? (He) thought, and couldn't think of any real good reason. There isn't any real good reason for fighting except self-defense" (Hinton 145). In addition, when the Socs were trying to Jump Two-Bit, Johnny, and Pony, Two-Bit handed Pony a busted bottle, but he knew that Ponyboy wouldn't have used it. Pony is different from the rest of his friends, he doesn't go around looking for laws to break and won't hurt a person unless he had no other choice.While everyone else is stuck is in their reality, Ponyboy is a dreamer, a characteristic most likely gained from his avid reading. For instance, while talking to Johnny, Ponyboy was fantasizing about what it would be like if he lived in the country, away from the excitement of the towns. He only wanted to lie on his back under a tree and read a book or draw a picture, and not worry about getting jumped, or carrying a blade. While he was dreaming, he imagined he "would have a yeller cur dog… and Sodapop could get Mickey Mouse back, and Darry would lose that cold, hard look… (and while he was at it) brought Mom and Dad back to life" (Hinton 56). Soda, Two-Bit, and Darry appealed to Pony because they reminded him of the heroes he had read about. However, his tendency of being drawn towards people and things that were like what he read in his books made him fear how Dally mostly stayed grounded and usually faced reality head on, because he was still immersed in his passion for books, clouds and sunsets.Despite exceeding standards in school, a major...

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