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Interviewing is a selling situation. It involves the exchange of information and building of personal chemistry. It’s not only what you say that’s important but how you say it. There are seven key things you can do to build a positive rapport.

Research can help build chemistry

The first step for building a rapport is to research the company in advance. If you’ve ever met someone who knew a lot about you, it kind of takes you by surprise, doesn’t it? It is a great way to make a positive first impression.

A friend of mine, has built a consulting business on the fact that he does research ahead of time. His clients tell him that he wins their business because he knows a lot more about them than anyone else. So make it your business to know as much as you can about the company, the industry, and if possible, about the person you will be meeting.

With a simple phone call ahead of time, you can get job descriptions, organizational charts and brochures. Study, be prepared, have confidence and be able to build better chemistry during your interview.

Build chemistry with the front office staff

About two-thirds of executives say that their secretaries’ opinions influence them.
Be attentive to the secretary and others who work up front. You may find, that when you go out of your way to be respectful to them, they will often go out of their way to help you.

Build chemistry with your attitude and image

People silently react to the image you project, your posture and body language, the things you say about any subject at all, and the way you answer questions.

Consider the kind of image you project. Each of us is continually projecting some kind of image. It isn’t just physical image or dress either, although your appearance speaks before you say a word. It is also a matter of attitude, interests, enthusiasm and your outlook on life.

Build chemistry by paying sincere compliments

Before the interview, read or talk to people about the company and uncover some good things to say. Somewhere in those first few minutes, find the opportunity to pay a real compliment.

You can compliment their facilities, people, products, advertising, public relations or anything else. What ever you do, be specific. Don’t just say that people you know are impressed by the product. Talk about why they are impressed. Maybe it’s that new product they added this year, or the designs they have adapted.

By giving details, you show that you have given it some thought and that your complement is not just empty flattery.

Build chemistry in the way you answer questions

The way you answer questions has more to do with building positive chemistry than with what you say.

He could use the standard…tell me about yourself and you could begin by talking about the kind of person you, but that may not be what the interviewer is interested in. You could say, “Mr. Jones, I’d be happy to tell you about myself,...

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