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Escape From Krazniraz: A Story About An Adventure...

1195 words - 5 pages

The group was resting quietly in the dungeons of castle Krill, Jango, Bardoc, Touchfire, Doughty, Littlejohn and Athor. The leaders were Jango, a powerful alien wizard and Bardoc, a strong, wizard giant and Touchfire was also a wizard. Doughty was a warrior, Littlejohn, a small hobbit, and Athor, an arrogant dwarf. They had found the plans in the dungeons. Now its up to them to get out of Krazniraz, into Slinsil, and save their kingdom from destruction...Everyone was tired and hungry from their long trip and their heroic actions, when getting to the dungeons and finding the plans. Everyone was thinking of a plan to some how find the food, but on their empty stomachs there were no successful thoughts. Suddenly their leader, Jango came up with a plan. " Why don't we split into groups and look for food?" Asked Jango. " That's a brilliant plan Jango." Said Bardoc. So they split up and left in search for food, the plan was to find food, then in half an hour, meet back at the dungeon entrance. After only ten minutes Jango and Athor found where they stored the food, but there was a guard at the entrance.They went back after twenty minutes, and soon all the six members were there. " We have found where they store the food, but there is a guard blocking our way." Said Jango. " Wait, I know, Jango and I will turn invisible, go inside the back here." Said Touchfire. " That's a good idea." Replied Jango.So they became invisible. The others waited patiently and quietly. After about an hour, they came back, with seven bags of food, but now they had an even bigger task. To escape from the castle walls. They thought, and soon Jango, by far the smartest, thought of a simple plan. "We'll walk past the guards, sneaks through the wall, and get to the entrance of the tunnel." Said Jango. "bur how do you know all this?" Asked Littlejohn. With this map." Replied Jango.And that's exactly what they did, with Bardoc, carrying the chest, and everyone else carrying the food. They safely made it to the tunnel entrance. " Yes, we made it." Rejoiced Athor. But Jango wasn't so pleased. He knew that this was only the beginning. So they made their way through the tunnel, and finally made their way to the exit, where a surprise awaited them...It had been two days since the gang escaped the castle Krill. They were very tired because they had just reached a mountaintop. It was a very thin ledge. They had found shelter and slept there over night. Bardoc was the first to wake up. He does yoga every morning before the sun rises.By the time they had all gotten up, the time was about nine 0 clock. Athor was the last to get up, he was the laziest out of all of them. "Now then, since all of you all awake, its pack and start walking again." Said Jango. They all agreed and started to pack up happily, until everyone started hearing very weird noises. "It sounds like wolves," said Bardoc. Within five minutes of Bardoc saying that, fifteen Wargs stood tall against them.Wargs were ferocious...

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