Getting Away With Animal Cruelty Essay

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How many horror stories have you heard about abuse? How many times did you think it was okay? How many times have you heard that it leads to more violent crimes? How many times have you heard of someone that did not get in trouble for it? These are the things that we should all be thinking about every day. Animals have no way to voice their own opinion and pain, so we must speak for them. There are endless forms of animal cruelty. Cruelty and abuse come in forms of pet neglecting, torture, animal testing, dog fighting, mental abuse, physical abuse, farm factoring, ect… Many people believe that animals do not feel pain, and do not deserve the same rights as human beings, but is that right? Thousands of animals are tortured in their own ways each day, and we let it happen. There should be harsher punishments, and more strict laws against Animal Cruelty. The real question is what is cruelty?
Cruelty is when a human being shows enough disrespect to physically, verbally, or mentally damage an innocent animal (Paws). There are endless forms of animal cruelty. One form is a story from England early in 2014. (Johnson) A woman placed her four month old kitten in the microwave for one excruciating minute as punishment for eating her goldfish. She originally set the microwave for five minutes, but realized her mistake and pulled the kitten from the microwave after one minute. Cunliffe tried unsuccessfully to cool the kitten down by placing him in cold water, which put him into shock. The kitten suffered a slow and very painful death. Laura Cunliffe was sentenced to fourteen weeks in the county jail, and was banned from having anymore pets. Members of her community were outraged, and believed that she deserved a more harsh punishment. If it had been a four month old child in that microwave would the punishment have been the same?
Animal abuse has been detected in the medical labs of Harvard (Spak). A citation has been made for repeated offences of animals abuse, torture, and neglect. Four monkeys have died in less than two years, along with forty one mice that died when their water supply was cut off in just one month. These are among many other cases of animal abuse found at the labs. One monkey passed away because of the way he was bathed. He was left inside is cage, and put through a machine washer. Harvard is now ranked number four on the top ten animal welfare violators list. No charges were pressed on Harvard Medical Labs, only citations have been made. Is forcing a living being to thirst to death not murder?
On a dairy farm in Idaho a video was taken of workers punching, kicking, dragging, and stomping on the livestock (Johnson). The video went viral in just a matter of hours, and has horrified many people. Animals were trapped in head gates for days at a time, physically abused, not fed or watered properly, denied exercise…etc. Many animals grew very ill, and some died. This particular farm supplies meat and cheese to Burger King, Wendy’s, and...

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