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Getting Away With It Essay

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Searching for answers behind behaviors that we don’t understand is a natural desire, especially when the reasoning behind those behaviors is unclear if not entirely unknown. Often times we are pulled towards the easiest solutions, and this trend is the concept behind the creation of the homosexual homophobe. A simple conclusion for a complicated scenario, the homosexual homophobe idea stems from guilt, insecurities, and the triggers they create. This answer, however, is too naïve for such a complicated situation, and effects society’s understanding of why homophobia exists in the first place. Using Bronski, Pellegrini, and Amico’s You Can Tell Just by Looking (BPA) as a base for discussion, ...view middle of the document...

In this definition, which would be strictly scientifically based, does not account for minor reactions to phobia stimuli. Obviously, however, society’s reaction of phobia, more specifically homophobia, has been spread to encompass all cases of distaste towards the queer community. This simplification, sadly, is not just contained within the concept of homophobia or the basis of its explanation lying behind the homophobe being homosexual; a new problem arises in its sexual suppression.
The way our society and culture is set up is in a way to practice sexual silence. An individual’s sexuality and sexual practice is a personal, quiet affair that should never catch public wind. With this silence comes the general assumption that sexuality and desire are a stagnant thing contained within ‘normal’ heterosexual behavior. Society struggles with the concept that sexuality is a liquid thing which changes and shifts in time and is very unique to each individual. For this reason “a person cannot repress homosexuality as such because it is not an entity with clear boundaries” (BPA 40), and the very concept of the homophobic heterosexual becomes even harder to understand. Although there is definite possibility for a person to be confused of their desires, the line between heterosexuality and homosexuality is nonexistent, despite the existence of the terms. An individual will experience countless sexual desires in their lifetime, many of which they probably will not fully understand, but none the less will exist.
The concept is also outdated in simply how open it is to other queer identities. It assumes one side or the other, or that all queer identity is contained within the homosexual identity, which is not true. Sexual desire is broad and undefined, although many try to map it out for themselves and the benefit of others. When we say that a homophobe is simply a repressed homosexual, we are assuming that they know exactly what they are repressing themselves into or out of. We are upholding the very social system that keeps the broad growth of queer identity and sexual desire from expanding and being accepted for this expansion.
The last and perhaps most worrying aspect of the repressed homosexual conceptis the shift in guilt it creates. At first glance the idea of setting the homophobe at the same level as the homosexual, the very creature he or she hates, is simply the classic retelling of being placed in another individual’s shoes. What isn’t realized, however, is that the homophobe is now being pushed into the minority and out of the majority. They are being removed, just as I said before about simplification, from every other identity they have with them....

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