How To Get Into Touring Car Racing

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If you’ve always had a need for speed and have wondered how to get into touring car racing, understand that at first it is a long and winding road, but not impossible. Other people, perhaps less talented people, have succeeded, so why not you? If you are truly convinced that the touring car racing industry is your niche, you must first get on track with a few basic first steps to learn how to get into touring car racing.
Things you will need:
Mechanic Tools
Racing Simulators
Uncut Videos
NASCAR 50th Anniversary Southern Exposure Videos

Jump start your car racing career early. If you are still very young, it’s a good idea to get the feel of the track by getting involved in go-kart racing. This is, of course, not the same thing as touring car racing, but it will teach you balance and how to negotiate turns. It is also a good tool to learn the basics of passing, braking and the rules of the track. Car racing simulators and indoor karting will make you sharper and give you the opportunity to polish up on your technique.
Watch the local pros. Check out your local stock tracks. The racing scene is where you need to be so hang out at speed shops to observe from experienced touring car racing professionals. Ask for tips from them, and mimic their techniques. Learn all you can before even buying your first race car. Watching and learning from those that do it everyday is not the same thing as real “seat time,” but it is vital to soak up all the knowledge you can right now, before doing it yourself.

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