Getting More: How You Can Negotiate To Succeed In Work And Life

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As I first entered the class of Negotiation: Theory and Practice, I realized that this class would be something that I would remember. The course has initiated my mind to multilevel thinking while negotiating. When reading the book “Getting More” by Diamond (2010), I really could relate with many of his examples of negotiating. Engaging with the literature and having classroom experiences sparked my interest in the subject of negotiation. The one example with the apartment building and the mouse problem is relatable since I am dealing with the situation with my apartment complex. I look back at the methods I have tried to get the mouse problem solved but none have been successful for over two months. Using the method of painting a clear picture to the other party created a picture in the other person’s mind. The method actually worked by gathering information and educating my apartment complex on diseases carried by mice. People negotiate everyday regarding things in different situations. Contrary to the classroom literature, Diamond (2010) suggest not to relationships, interest, win-win outcomes just because a person thinks it’s an effective tool. His teaching and literature focuses on reaching and meeting your goals in negotiations. Reviewing the twelve major strategies it did give a different perspective on how I viewed negotiations. The model explained how to get the best out of your goals and objectives. Kolb and Williams (2001) suggest that negotiation is a science created to allow all winners an approach of deal making.

Diamond (2010) also critiques relationship between two parties and putting yourself in the other person’s shoes. By doing this it lets you feel what the other person may feel before and during a negotiation. He goes into detail about using power leverage such as supervisor/ employee relationship and how it can destroy relationships and create retaliation. Dawson (2007) contends this argument by saying power negotiation is like a game of chess. Those ideas contrast with class room literature based on power and position against relationships. All literature focused on the email negotiation tones and formal introductions. Connecting over email is harder because there is no way to see the other person. Email creates a lack personal communication, lack facial expression, body language and a voice of the other party.
His ideas are based on getting others to do things because they want to. Wanting to do something requires a person’s cooperation. If a person does not feel like negotiating then the negotiation could lead to a negative results. Diamond targets relationship using empathy toward another person (2010). Using strategies of being real, complimenting, and not faking helps get the deal done. Starting small conversations, humor or offering small gifts helps release possible tensions before any negotiation. Make human connections such as smiles, eye contact and speaking can go a long way. This...

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