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Getting Onto The Right Path Essay

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The Path in which a person must go through to become closer to their spiritual self is different for each individual person. It is a long and difficult journey that tests a person faith and love of the higher being that they are seeking. If an individual is trying to grow they must admit their wrong doings whatever they may be and overcome those defects. In The Divine Comedy by Dante Alighieri, The Conference of the Birds by Farid Un-Din Attar, and Revelation of Divine Love by Julian of Norwich, all follow the quest for spiritual growth. Dante and Julian share a faith in the Roman Catholic Church but lived in two every different times in the church which influenced their vision of the matter that individuals go through in their spiritual lives. Unlike Dante and Julian, Attar followed the religion of Islam that also influenced his illustration of how to grow. Every one of the authors show the obstacles that the individuals portrayed must go through; they vary in the degree in which the individuals most suffer, the path that they travel down vary in how treacherous it is, and the path themselves diverge.
The spiritual growth in which Dante illustrates is harsh and gruesome in cruelty, in order for the character, Dante, to grow he must travel through the different levels of hell to see the amount of suffering that he will endure if he does not refocus himself to living the life that God has set out for him. Dante admits that he has ‘astray[ed] from the straight road woke to find [him]self alone in a dark wood (Dante 16)”; he order to find his way back to “a little hill (17)” or the life of virtue. Dante uses the creature of the she-wolf to symbolize the fraud and gluttony, which are the sins that Dante suffers from. He is fooling the world by writing things that are not written for God. He...

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