Getting Rid Of Slavery And Racism

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In today’s society, many people question whether race is still a prevalent issue. However, racism is still a controversial issue even though society’s goal is to be minority friendly. Many argue that African Americans continue to lag behind fellow whites. Blacks and whites have been historically involved with one another since the birth of the nation. Racism is deeply rooted into society because its origin started in the early colonial days. For centuries, blacks and those of African descent were enslaved. Racism and racial inequality still exist to this day. Many of today’s issues involving blacks and whites stem from the oppression of African Americans in United State history.
The road out of slavery was long, tough, violent, and especially deadly. The Underground Railroad was a system to help free slaves by escaping to Free states. Those who opposed slavery set this system up so slaves can leave slavery for a better life. The runaways disguised themselves as other genders and used songs to help each other escape. The songs have two purposes, one for alerting others of dangers, and the other to map out directions. Harriet Tubman is one of the most famous abolitionists who took part in the Underground Railroad. She freed three-hundred slaves, including her parents, brothers, and sisters.
Another notable abolitionist is Frederick Douglass. An advocate of equal citizenship rights, he escaped slavery through the Underground Railroad. After escaping to Massachusetts, Douglass married his fiancée and worked as a general laborer. Douglass eventually lectured about his time as a slave, so he took time off and wrote a narrative of life, Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass, An American Slave, Written by Himself.
Lynching, enforced by the Jim Crow Laws, is a form of violence used to enforce white supremacy by hanging, shooting, burning, and skinning blacks. Whites in the South lynched African Americans who were educated or more successful than other blacks were. At the time, Southern Whites believe that it is right to lynch others because of popular justice. They viewed Blacks as less than that of a man.
In the late 19th century and the early 20th century, Booker T. Washington was one of the most perplexing leaders of the African American community. As a leader in the region, Washington worked to reconcile the black community to social and political issues. Aware of the racial injustice and violence facing blacks, he supported and financed educational and economical enterprises in the south. In addition, Washington sought out to work out the evils of lynching, segregated facilities, racial correctional systems, and fought for black’s right to be included in jury panels. For Washington to maintain his reputation in the South, he did not speak harshly against the racial inequality. His adversaries looked down upon Washington because they believe he turned his back on the upbringing of African Americans to please southern whites.
In 1877, Washington...

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