Removing The Barrier (Removing Lake Powell's Dam).

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The article I read was, "Let the River Run Through It" written by David R. Brower from the Sierra Club. It tells of how David Brower had the chance to stop the building of the Glen Canyon Dam and it was not necessary for the dam to be built in the first place. Over forty years ago in Northern Arizona the Glen Canyon Dam was built. This dam now holds the water of Lake Powell, and beneath the water is a canyon that many hikers and scenic seekers used to travel and enjoy. David R. Brower states, "we can reverse it now. We can drain Lake Powell and let the Colorado River run through the dam that created it, bringing Glen Canyon and the wonder of its side canyons back to life" (par 3). It is said that by draining Lake Powell, the beauty of the canyon will once again return to its original state. Brower also stated that Glen Canyon Dam was built as a power project in order to raise money for the Colorado River Storage Project so that the U.S. Government could build useless dams (par 5). "A huge reservoir, absolutely not needed in this century, almost certainly not needed in the next, and conceivably never to be needed at all" (Brower par 2).In many ways I do not agree with this idea of draining Lake Powell. The canyon beneath, that people used to hike, would never look the same as it did. Brower puts many claims and opinions in this article where facts would have backed up his argument. He had more facts published on the benefits that dams provide rather than facts of them being useless. The statement that dams are useless is just a claim. Brower also stated that the need for Glen Canyon Dam was never there (par 2). However studies have been done that show that Lake Powell saves a certain amount of water per year and is needed to help farmers in the drought years. It also keeps the banks of the Colorado River from flooding in the flood years. Glen Canyon Dam, in addition, is mandatory to comply with the Colorado River Compact, which supplies seven states with water.The best part of Brower's article came from the section where he says that he could have stopped the dam from being built and leaving Glen Canyon as it was before it became a lake (par 2). This statement convinces readers that at one point in time Brower saw a need for the dam to be built for whatever reasons.Brower believes that draining Lake Powell is the right thing to do and it...

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