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During this practicum, so far, I have worked with three students. Two of them I have worked with a bit more than the third person. I have found out quite a bit about each of them and have tried my hardest to make the learning material relevant to their reading levels and interests. Here is what I have found:
Student number one is very talkative and always expresses his opinions (appropriate or not). He is also very eager get work done and has shown he is very interested in what we are doing. He has told me that he likes to work on cars and said it would be very cool to incorporate them into his project. He told me his future goals include going to a college in Texas for certification to ...view middle of the document...

This student tends to talk in Spanish frequently when he wants to talk to the first student. This, I’m sure, is because they don’t want us to know what they are talking about. He mentioned likes animals and wants to draw them for his project.
I don’t know student number three very well yet. He seems very eager to get away from his other course work to work on art though. I haven’t really had an opportunity to ask him what he is interested in to really get to know him well. I do know that he is in the 9/10th grade range and has reading issues. He does try to say some words but for the most part he will ask before messing up in front of his peers. He is the only Caucasian student in the class and I have to wonder if that doesn’t intimidate him a bit. I plan on getting to know him more to plan his project.

In the reading, Turning Toward the Student by William Ayers, I found one part of the article very relatable with an experience in my practicum. As he says on page 35, “ We seek some common ground to pursue growth and development”. When I first started working with these boys I was wondering how I could relate to them; how can I make this a fun hour and not a boring hour of reading for them? I had no clue how to relate until I learned they all have the common interest of cars. So I called in a favor to a friend of mine who is going to a specialized college for car design. He sent me emails of his work and other meaningful...

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