Getting To The Point Of My Pyramid Writing Style

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What I believe would best describe my writing style would be the picture associated with the fifth slide, that being a pyramid. While writing I’ve always tried to maintain a precisely constructed path to ensure the reader can always understand the point of my thesis in my writing. In most writings I’ve found that writing structure and pacing are important to the audience’s understanding as to what the author or writer is trying to convey in the material. If done poorly it can often lead to misinterpretation or even confusion to what that author or writer is trying to express through their writing. Like most when writing I usually focus on the beginning, the middle, and the conclusion. Revision is also a deep part of my writing style being an intricate part of my process

Whenever writing I usually start by stating an introduction of my thesis or main idea. Then, I use the body of my writing to further expand on my main idea by giving supporting facts, examples, and even my general option to help support the thesis of my writing. Toward the end I usually use something from my introduction paragraph to help reaffirm and restate what I’ve written. Also I may use a few supporting details to help close out my writings. This is how the construction of my writing process usually starts, but this is only the beginning of my writing process. The biggest reason why I associate my process to a pyramid is because I start with the bottom or base and this part of my writing is how I get all of my ideas on the page. Just like the base of the pyramid my first piece of my writing whole structure starts from the bottom and makes its way up. The base is my foundation for what my writing is outlining. The foundation is often the first stepping stone to achieving my final product and writing can only improve with what I chose to lay upon on it.

More importantly, I would say my writing process relies heavily on revision and comparing my past work to work I’ve rewritten. Understanding how to better improve on my previous work has always been a key in my writing success....

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