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Our first subject of study, Stella Adler, was one of the students of Stanislavskiz and was the only American actress to study under him. Although, I didn’t identify with all of Stella Adler’s technique’s as a whole as it doesn’t seem to take as in depth of an approach as some of the other acting methods, some of her techniques such as “acting is doing” I found very helpful. When Adler says acting is doing she is referring to how every actor must have a purpose for an action. I found this to be important for me to remember as often I found myself in my scenes doing way more than I needed to. I always had to remind myself of what Meisner said, “less is more!” Also, Stella Adler’s approach to training the imagination so that you saw in full, the imaginary scene that surrounds you on stage was important in doing scene work. Often in the past when acting it was easy as I would be surrounded by a set that was well crafted and realistic, however when acting in a black box theater, or for our case essentially a gym, it is necessary to train your mind to put yourself in a exact moment and place in time even if the audience can’t see it.
Studying Sanford Meisner was great for me because it had been a long time since I had done many of his acting drills. When getting into a scene with an acting partner, nothing is better for me than to use repetition. Repetition not only was great for breaking the ice between acting partner but also was great when attempting to discover truth in words between for yourself and your rehearsal partner. Often during the class I found myself frustrated in that my acting partner wouldn’t push me as far as I would push them. Although it is important to be respectful while acting I believe that in order to fully appreciate and learn from the techniques that Meisner teaches one needs to not be afraid to push ones fellow actors. I am at my best when someone pushes me out of my shell and that is why I enjoy a brutal honesty between my acting partner and myself.
For my own acting method I identify most with the teachings of Sanford Meiser. His process in finding realism within imaginary circumstances is one that is unparalleled. His method is effective for me as I do not like...

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