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Getting Us One Step Closer Essay

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New hominid fossil findings found in a cave located in South Africa inspire scientists to believe that Australopithecus sediba may contain information about the origins of our genus Homo. Australopithecus Sediba compared with the findings of the Genus Homo demonstrate a closer resemblance with one another. In the Malapa caves also know as the Cradle of Humankind, two individuals were discovered. This species lived between 1.977 and 1.978 million years ago. Paleoanthropologist Lee R. Berger discovered one juvenile male and also one adult female. With this discovery and examining the features, and diet of A. sediba, we will determine how much this species resembles modern humans today.
The Evidence found in the caves of Malapa was a surprise. One morning, Paleoanthropologist Lee Berger and his son Matthew arrived at the Malapa site. The young son Matthew decided to wonder off and Berger followed, minutes later as Matthew walked around he came across a fossil. Berger was thinking it was another antelope bone, but in reality it was a collarbone to one of the closes relatives in the phylogeny of human kind. In the article, New Hominin Fossils From Malapa, Alan G. Morris states, “The skeletons are securely dated between 1.95 and 1.78 million years ago, placing them at a critical juncture of human evolution; around the time of the first appearance of the genus Homo” (2). The discovery was Named MH1 being the young male skeleton and MH2 being the female. Both finding where not tampered with in any form of scavenging and preserved in limestone. For MH1 they found parts of the cranial and post cranial remains and for MH2 they found part of the mandible, upper dentition, and partial post cranial remains. The sex of the fossils was figured out by looking at the shape of the jaw and hips. Data provided explains that the male skeleton was a young boy in his teens around 12 years of age and the young female in her 20’s. Looking at how apart they where found, it is believed that they both knew each other (Choi). They both resembled Humans in their bipedal locomotion and continued the evolvement of bipedal adaptation. A. sediba had long arms giving scientist an inside that they had not given up their adaptation to still climb trees and hang from branches. Another resemblance to modern humans is the form of their fingers. They showed signs of precision griping which made them capable of creating tools just like early humans. Their cranial capacity is larger than most modern human and definitely more advanced than the rest of the Australopithecus...

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