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Getting Your Foot In The Door: A Guide To Winning The Girl Of Your Dreams

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Getting Your Foot in the Door: A guide to winning the Girl of Your Dreams
You try saying something smooth but uttering more than a simple phrase becomes an impossibility. Her eyes penetrate your comfort zone making you feel not only vulnerable, but inadequate. A piece of gum would be god-sent and in response to her questions all that can be mined from the depths of your brain are simple one word answers; nothing but “sure” or a smirk can come out, leaving her with something to be desired. You want to win her heart but what can be done when every time your eyes meet you lose all composure? It is true that any man can rescue his damsel in distress, that all he needs is the right horse, but how does he find his horse? How does a man win the girl of his dreams?
Gentlemen, if you are serious about being the prince to your damsel in distress, you need to look the part. According to a recent Facebook survey administered to 71 random women, 71% of those women agreed that a man would be more likely to “sweep them off their feet” if they were dressed to impress (Caruso). That being true, a handsome wardrobe will do great justice in your attempts to win her heart, but when money poses a problem, nobody has to know that your fanciest dress shirt is from the Goodwill. The way you present yourself will get you your first look and it is upon this moment that your fate with “her” will most likely be decided.
According to, there are seven things that men think women don’t notice: fingernails, nose hair, feet, skin, back, teeth, and eyebrows (Madison). From the touch of your skin to the plaque on your teeth, a woman will analyze you head to toe, judging you as a potential mate. Therefore, maintaining hygiene is a must. No woman would dare touch a man that smells and looks like he walked out of a garbage dump, so it is incredibly important that your teeth stay brushed, your stray hairs stay plucked and your nails stay cut (not manicured). A woman wants to feel taken care of, wants to feel secure and wants to know that when life strikes her down, she has her prince to lift her back up. It is through displaying high regard for your hygiene that a woman will find security, because how can a man take care of his woman if he is incapable of taking care of himself.
You have your foot in the door; you are dressed great and smell like Christmas morning. You manage to initiate conversation but the words you speak aren’t matching with your thoughts, what went wrong? Robert Bolton says in his book, People Skills: How to Assert Yourself, Listen to Others, and Resolve Conflicts, that “Experts in communications skills estimate that less than 5 percent of the population can be expected to communicate assertively” (118). This is a problem with most men and it is this that can ruin your chances with the girl of your dreams. Some women find it cute when a man jumbles his words, but if your words, un-jumbled, make no sense, odds are she’s not going to take you...

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