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Gettysburg College Students Are Engaged Learners And “Make A Difference” Both On And Off Campus Through Their Academic And Extracurricular Activit...

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I grew up in Agricola, a small village in Guyana notoriously known for high incidence of theft, drug trafficking, prostitution and teenage pregnancy. The social and economical pillars present were so degraded within Agricola that an incessant stigma developed; thus, many secondary school graduates and adults from the village found it difficult to obtain employment. Consequently, a torrent of murders and violent crime ensued and the cycle of poverty continued. However, a group of influential elders of the community decided that they have had enough with of the crime and the resulting socio-economic constraints that had arisen. These inspirational men and women engaged the government and other key stakeholders of the nation to embark on a restoration initiative. Thus, the first non-profit organization within the community: the Agricola Restoration Association (ARA) was the birthed. Several other interest groups also saw the need for a revitalized Agricola, one of such was the African Development and Cultural Association (ACDA).With funding from the Inter- Development Bank (IDB), ACDA executed a comprehensive Leadership and Entrepreneurship program for ten ambitious young people living in Agricola. An extensive one year course focused on empowering, providing skills training and networking marginalized youths.
Such an unprecedented program delivered to us the window to purge the stigma attached to the community. Being very comprehensive and interactive, the solicitors of the program really carefully analyzed every facet of leadership, entrepreneurship and socio-political matrix of our nation. The program also provided networking, where numerous government officials, army officers, and highly successful businessmen came throughout to lend a hear to our concerns; our conversation were so intriguing and successful that most eventually committed to being our mentors, offering any assistance they can if needed. The Guyana Youth Business Trust (GYBT), a financing institution that offers services and technical advice to small business startups, provided our entrepreneurial training. There, entrepreneurs taught us on in-depth principles and strategies needed to start and successfully manage a business. In addition, we did a myriad of courses based on psychology, law, politic and current affairs, which brought complete perspective of our society and political landscape and also gave us greater versatility to engage any unique challenges we may experience. It was a life-changing experience for everyone and truly empowered us for our leadership mission and responsibilities: thus, after graduation we were mandated to commence our own Nongovernmental organization (NGO). Surprisingly, by the tenth month our NGO, the Young Leaders of Agricola (YLA): youth inspired, youth oriented, youth led, was not only created but also fully operational.
After YLA commenced we quickly partnered with the ARA, since we learnt of the synergy effect during the course and so...

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