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Gettysburg Essay

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I think that Colonel Joshua L. Chamberlain was a good leader and general in the Battle of Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. He had a very successful military career and helped the Union army win, not only the Battle of Gettysburg, but the whole American Civil War.
Chamberlain felt the call of war as a teacher. He wanted to help the Union cause and joined the army in 1861. He was teaching at Bowdoin College. He was placed in the 20th Maine Regiment and was appointed lieutenant colonel of it on August 8, 1862. He learned the ropes in the army under the command of the highly regarded Colonel Aldebert. This set him up well to succeed in the early battles of the War.
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Robert E. Lee was the General of the Southern Army and General George Meade conducted the Northern Army. General Lee wanted the rebels to take the offensive and attack the Union soldiers on their own ground. The battle was fought from July 1-3, 1863. The battle was a major turning point for both sides. Joshua Chamberlain is most famous for his triumphs at Gettysburg, even though his regiment was considered one of the weaker ones in General Vincent’s brigade. At the beginning of the war, it had 1621 men, and by the time of Gettysburg, they only had 266.
Chamberlain and his men were called into action on the second day of the battle. They were positioned at the far left of the line on Little Round Top. Little Round Top was a key point of defense in the battle. It is a spur off of the bigger hill, Big Round Top. Chamberlain was ordered to hold it at all costs and not to retreat under any circumstances. He was put into a desperate situation when Vincent was mortally wounded, he was now in command. The Union troops were defending Little Round Top against two Alabama Regiments. He first deployed Company B and they were cut off by the Confederate soldiers. This left Chamberlain only 314 men to work with.
His next action is why he is so prominent in history. As his troops ammo was running low he lead a bayonet charge down the slope of Little Round Top. He lead the charge by yelling, “Bayonets! Forward to the right.” He ordered the left wing to wheel to the right, creating both a flanking...

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