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1. Parts of speech
In the description below there are a number of words in bold font. Your task is to name the part of speech as it is used in the passage. (Use words to describe the parts of speech. For example, use words such as conjunction etc.)
Peter turned the corner and his feet scrunched on the gravel. Someone stood ahead of him. It was the man. Seeing him there brought back the shame and anger of the day before. Suddenly, he knew what he needed to do. Despite the weakness in his legs, and with a monumental effort, Peter stumbled forward, coming to an abrupt halt when the man blocked his path. Never had he been so scared.
And ______________ conjunction (coordinating)
Stood ______________ verb (simple past)
Shame ______________ noun (abstract)
Suddenly ______________ adverb (of manner)
Despite ______________ (preposition) but conjunction is OK (subordinate)
Monumental ______________ adjective (size)
Peter ______________ Noun (proper)
Coming ______________ Participle (present)
Never ______________ Adverb (frequency)
Award additional marks for specifics (in brackets), 1/2 mark for each additional specific and a full additional mark for preposition.
Base mark = 9
Max marks = 14
13 -14 = A+
11– 12 = A
9-10 = A-
8-9 - = B+
7 = B
6 = B-
5 = C+
4 = C
3 = C-
2 = D
1 = E
Writing exercise: Write a four-sentence description of a scary moment. To demonstrate discerning writing skills, the piece must start each sentence with a different part of speech, flow smoothly, be accurate in spelling and use the correct punctuation. An A+ will have used colons and semicolons in their writing
Which of these relative pronouns - That, Who, What, Which - completes the sentences correctly?
Complete the sentences below and explain your choices. ! Tip: consider how the sentences are punctuated !
a) The girls, who wore red shirts, stood out.that
b) The books have red covers are new.
They need to be able to articulate the difference between people and things
3. Punctuating sentences
The next five sentences have no punctuation. Add in the correct punctuation.
a) It was getting late.
b) After we had finished dinner, we decided to climb to the summit.
c) It was nearly midnight, and the moon, a pale disc in the velvet sky, shone weakly.
d) We arrived at our destination, exhausted.
e) Because the clouds had dispersed, and the moon now lit the valley, we could see the lake below us, glistening in the moonlight.
The next five sentences have been punctuated incorrectly. Rewrite the sentences with the correct punctuation.
It was close to winter. The leaves had begun to turn orange.
It was close to winter; the leaves had begun to turn orange. _______________________________________________________________________________________
The dog, growled (,) menacingly....

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