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Ghana: A Study In Economy. Essay

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INDIVIDUAL POLICIES1. Freedom From Internal ControlThe Constitution provides for freedom of peaceful assembly, freedom of speech, freedom of press and its likes and that the government generally respects all these rights. The government does not require permit for demonstrations. However Parliament passed a public law in late 1994 requiring that organizers of " special events" or " processions" should inform the police of their intention at least five days in advance so that the police can institute precautionary measures.SOURCE: Human rights, country report on human rights practices: Ghana2. Freedom of SpeechUntil 1997 the government of Ghana continued to pressure the media. The opposition political parties and others, frequently criticize the government and the government has allowed more control of print and electronic media to be transferred to the private sector. There are more than a dozen newspapers including two government -owned dailies, two government-owned weeklies, and several privately owned. Most newspapers circulate only in the capital and many of the smaller private newspapers are available only in the big cities. There is one government owned and 12 private FM radio stations in the capital and in all there are about 42 private FM station nationwide. The independent stations air a wide range of viewpoints. There are 12 regional television stations in Accra, Kumasi, and Takoradi, and one government - owned station that broadcast nationwide. Ghana has six Internet providers in the country. There services help people express their freedom of speech.Source: Ghana Country report on human rights practices for 1999, Author; US department of states commission; 2, personal.3. Effective, Fair Police Force:The police force of Ghana is under the jurisdiction of eight-member Police Council, which is responsible for maintaining law and order. Although the security apparatus is controlled by and responsive to the government, monitoring, supervision and education of the police remain poor. Police in Ghana use excessive force, resulting in a number of extra judicial killing as well as injuries, although the use of rubber bullets and water cannons improved the ability to manage crowd & control situations without killings or serious injuries.Source: Ghana Country report on human right practices for 1999, and www.ghanaweb.com4. Currency:The unit of currency is the cedi, which is divided into 100 pesewas. With the decline in the cedi, the use of the pesewas has ceased. Also, it has been made legal to use foreign currency to conduct business in Ghana. Especially, the British Pounds and the U.S. dollars.Source: Country Commercial Guide for Ghana, 2, Personal5. Commercial Banks:There are eleven commercial banks in Ghana. The largest bank in the country is Ghana Commercial Bank and SSB Bank with net worth's of approximately $30 million and $80 million respectively, were state controlled. Until recently the banking sector was dominated by state - owned...

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