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First I want to speak in unambiguous and unequivocal terms: I repudiate all the rappers promoting failure through their rhymes about selling drugs, abusing women, and abandoning their responsibilities as men. You are all lost and a shame upon our people. Your values are decrepit; your values are out of sync with the norms of society. It amazes me how you promote a lifestyle that only leads to incarceration, broken families, and mass ignorance yet the youth still gravitates towards your message like it's the blue print to success. A lot of our men are a shadow of what they should be. A lot our men have failed their women, failed their daughters, failed their sons and most importantly failed themselves. Not all black men are walking zombies with dicks but at times it seems that good black men are outnumbered by these buffoons. What of the black woman who gives birth to multiple children with different fathers? She has been an accessory to a culture of "baby mammas," child support experts, and extreme mismanagement of money. Black men who are noble and becoming of kings you must wrestle the reigns of your people from the lost, if you won't we will continue to succeed as individuals but fail as a people. They can do you know harm, they aren't as smart as you, nor do they live longer than you. I do not jettison teaching and educating but we are in a perilous state in which we might not have time for niceties. Black men in America are two moves away from being checkmated and when our women abandon us en mass then the final piece will be played. The white man is not to blame, our fate always was, always is and always will be in our own hands. One day, I do not know the exact minute or the hour, we stop being lions, we stop being the lighthouse that guides the ships to safety, we stop being Malcolm, Martin, Marcus and Huey, we stop being conquerors....we stop being men.

My mother once told me that black men have rejected all the white man's ways. Some was necessary to establish a distinct culture; however, some were foolhardy. The black man rejected his dress, his opinion of beauty, his every mannerism, all that were necessary to establish a culture. What was rejected that shouldn't have been was his success. Instead of emulating his devotion to education we created a culture that looks down on the black child that performs well in school; a black child that excels at academics is less likely to have as many friends as his white counterpart that performs on the same level. It is truly a travesty that we aspire to be criminals and "real niggas" more than we aspire to be law-abiding citizens and fathers of our nation. A people lives through their men, my brothers, don't you understand? We need families. We need large families with mothers and fathers. Family is an acronym that means father and mother instructing and loving the youth. Without the father it is just bad grammar. Look at what we have to experience as black men: racial discrimination,...

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