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Ghost And Paranormal Essay

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The debate about Ghosts and Paranormal activity has been long debated through out the world. Evidence has been found by Ghost Hunters, and Investigators proving that Ghost and the Paranormal does in fact exist. With the use of technology and years of first hand experience Investigators have been able to document and share that the world is not alone. We in fact are living among Ghosts and the Paranormal.
“Ghost, according to tradition, is the spirit of a dead person that returns to the living world. “ (World Book Encyclopedia 2011, 182) There are two separate and distinct types of Ghosts. The first type of Ghost is the typical “Halloween ghost”. This ghost is also referred to as the “Folklore Society’s ghost”. The Folklore Society ghost appears as a shadowy figure in a long trailing robe. It often looks like something straight out of a Hollywood picture.
The second type of ghost is referred to as “Psychical Research Society’s ghost”. It often appears looking like a human being. It often looks so real that it mimics a person full of life. However, due to their ability to move through objects, and disappear at a moments notice, they are easily spotted as real ghosts. Whether the ghost looks real, or something from a movie it is known that the main purpose of all ghosts is to be seen. (O’ Neill, 68,74)
There are also other purposes than to be seen that some ghosts display. Some ghosts are classified as “malevolent”. This simply means that the person who was once living could have been murdered, abused, or died in a violent way. Malevolent ghosts are evil and are associated with negative encounters. It is said that their main purpose is to control others through fear. They may also attach themselves to a person, possess them,
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and live out their own evil agenda. Examples of such behavior are found in “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow, and Abraham Lincoln (Encyclopedia, 182)
Another type of phenomena that is sometimes referred to as a ghost is called a poltergeist. Poltergeist comes from the old German word meaning noisy or mischievous ghost. In the 1940s little was known about known about poltergeist beyond the boarders of psychical research. Today’s parapsychologist recognize that the poltergeist, unlike ghost, are not disembodied spirits. Poltergeist were never living earthly lives. Poltergeist are usually harmless, but mischievous, destructive, and childlike. Its intelligence is below normal and immature.
Poltergeist are unconsciously created by an “agent”. They are not tied to a specific place like ghosts, but instead a specific person. These agents are mainly young adolescent girls who have subconscious mental traumas and frustrations. This does not exclude the possibility of an agent being adult, or been an adolescent boy. The energy of bodily changes (hormones), and sexuality of the agent is often what triggers the phenomenon. Agents are often overworked servants, maids, neurotic adopted children, orphans, or...

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