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"Ghost Ship" Greed, Sin, And Ghosts

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Greed can blind the judgment of any person. If one allows themselves to be tempted, the end result usually has massive consequences. Personal satisfaction with who you are, how you look, and the wealth you have can be a powerful tool against the temptation of greed. The movie Ghost Ship is a typical example of how greed can overtake your thoughts and blind your judgment. Ghost Ship begins with a gory scene that takes place on the Antonia Graza an Italian ocean liner. In this scene a huge portion of the crew and guests are killed in a freak but planned accident. A salvage crew was recruited by a Canadian Air Force pilot to repair and rescue a strange large boat floating off the coast of Alaska (Movie Tributes 1). The crew found the ship and a lot more. A large amount of gold was discovered. This blinded the crew to the obvious decisions that should have been made for the safety of the team. Instead of calling the coast Guard for assistance, they chose to try and pull the liner in with a limping engine. Their decision leaves them trapped in a boat full of ghosts desperately wanting to tell there story and temp their minds. They also were left with a guest that had no intent to let them go. Through temptation, blood, and gore, the director sends a message. Greed can blind your eyes and mind to the obvious decisions necessary for personal growth and even survival.Horror films are designed to make the audience feel trapped and in danger (Myers 1). Movies such as this force the audience to their seats by putting you in situations that have danger lurking everywhere. This film did all of this by trapping the crew in a bad situation where there is no escape. The salvage crew is in the middle of nowhere, with no help coming, and no way to escape from the ship or the ocean (Ghost Ship 1). The set of the ship was perfect for this purpose. The liner disappeared without a trace in 1962. Just looking at the shell of the old abandoned liner sends eerie feelings of fear to the audience. The director uses unexplainable accidents, sudden unexpected actions, and death to keep the audience interested. This is the hook of the movie. The story line is told by ghosts. The theme of greed is set with the finding of the gold. All of these features are enhanced by a visit from a worker of devil himself. As he tries to reach his quota of souls, he tempts the salvage crew with gold, the temptation of sex, visions of death. There is evidence of a massive killing spree all over the ship. These features set up the perfect setting to allow the director show that the greed of the crew and other salvage crews brings their own demise.The title Ghost Ship sets the expectation that ghosts are on board. The salvage crew was greeted by a complete cast of ghosts. Ghosts are used as a tension builder. They are often in roles to deceive the salvage crew. Ghosts are used enhance the story line. The director uses ghosts to input pieces of information that allows the audience to put together...

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