Ghost Story Of Dirt Biker Ghosts

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Dirt Biker Ghosts in Maryland

This story was heard from a friend of mine; a 20 year old, Caucasian, Irish-American male. He discovered this story when he first moved into his house. He heard this story from his newly acquired friends who were neighborhood children that had lived in the area since before he arrived, although he did not mention any specifics about the sources, such as names, how many there were, or how old they were, but just that they were friends. The teller, however, did remember where he heard this story, which was told while sitting right outside of his house, within eyesight of the woods mentioned in the story. This story was collected late at night in the teller’s dormitory room; he was focused on telling the story, and one other person, a mutual friend, was present to also hear the story.

The story all started when three children were riding dirt bikes in the woods near the teller’s house. The boys were being sort of reckless and doing tricks with their dirt bikes [the teller performed a mock trick with his hands], when one of the teens suddenly made an error and crashed his dirt bike [teller smacked one hand into his arm, like something hitting a tree]. When the other two children realized that their friend was dead, they panicked and ran to get their parents. The deaths do not end here, however, because after the incident both of the other boys’ lives started going awry and they both died in very mysterious circumstances. One of the boys was killed in a freak car accident, where his seat belt broke and he was thrown from the car. The third boy was murdered for no apparent reason. All three of these deaths also occurred fairly close in time to each other, happening about a week apart.

Shortly after the three boys died, inexplicable things started to happen in the woods where they were originally riding their dirt bikes. The woods became very dark, even in the daytime and it would be very hard to see in or out of the area. This was not all that happened after the deaths of the boys. In addition to the transformation of the woods, sometimes at night time, when the woods were even darker, there were reports of people seeing light coming from reflectors [the teller made blinking motions with his hands] and hearing the faint noises of dirt bikes in the woods. Animals also seemed to avoid this area of woods. The children also believed that the spirits of the boys did not like to have other people ride their bikes through the woods. As a penalty for riding your bike through the woods, the spirits of the deceased boys would steal your bike from you and chase you out of the woods.

Throughout the telling of the story, the teller would make hand gestures to accent certain points. He also was talking in a strangely lower voice, more like a whisper than normal talking. The telling of the story reminded me of the telling of a ghost story around a campfire. In addition to being very much into the telling of the story, the...

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