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Envision yourself as encircled by strange, yet terrifying and evil spirits that trouble you in your worst nightmares. The spirits could desire something from you. In fact, they could aid you in locale of frightening you. Should you attend to them? What do you contemplate they are trying to notify you? In one of the inquiries above, notice the ironical use of the word “fact” that endeavors to obscure the fictitious nature of ghosts. It displays that the meaning of the word “ghost” is equivocal. In supplementary words, the word “ghost” is multivalued, that way that ghosts can purpose in extra than one way.
The word “ghost” originates from the Aged English word “gast,” and its synonyms are “soul, spirit [good or bad spirit], existence, breath,” and “demon” ( In the book, The Woman Warrior, that is, ironically, subtitled as Memoirs of a Girlhood Amid Ghosts, the author, Maxine Hong Kingston, uses the word “ghost” as a metaphor to typify her confusion concerning discovering a difference amid reality and unreality – the difference that divides her American present that prefers and her Chinese past that her mother, Valiant Orchid, filters into her mind across talk-stories that steadily daunt her to cross her established bounds. Ghosts, in the book, change reliant on point of view. Anybody whose deeds deviates from what is satisfactory in one area is a ghost according to the associates of that society. To Chinese people, like Valiant Orchid, Americans are ghosts. On the supplementary hand, Chinese are ghosts according to Chinese-Americans (including Kingston, who finds her past loaded alongside frightening Chinese ghosts). For Kingston, Ghosts, however, are not always scary; in fact, a little of them enthuse Kingston to break across her established pen and battle back opposing her mother afterward she realizes that they are just portion of the fables that her mother crafted by herself.
For Kingston, the ghosts, generally the Chinese traditional ghosts, signify confusion, insecurity, and fear. Even nevertheless a tiny serving of the text provides autobiographical data and most of it accentuates mythical and fictional tales that, according to Kingston, are maximum of ghosts, its subtitle identifies it as “a memoir,” that, as described by English lexicons, is an report of one’s memorable confidential experiences and facts. Kingston’s use of the word “ghosts” as metaphor to fear that makes her insecure in the ironic subtitle symbolizes her obscured vision to sense the difference amid actuality and fakeness in Valiant Orchid’s talk-stories.
Kingston labels the Chinese speech as “the speech of impossible stories” because the Chinese talk-stories that her mother tells her are unrealistic in the American sophistication, yet they frighten her in her nightmares (87). Valiant Orchid crams those reports into her head, so she should not ignore her traditional values. Later being overburdened by disparate kinds of beings that...

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