Ghosts Of Blackwell Essay

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Its six years before the start of the second world war and Europe’s great depression...............................

One day earlier.............. ...view middle of the document...

Glistening sunlight perches in the azure blue skies, hit an old mosaic outdoor table where her coffee sits. Bare lips and coffee stained teeth bite down on her favorite shortbread lemon biscuits, as a young redhead rubs the crumbs off her onto curls straggling down by hot pink nails.

An industrious gentleman collided with her table as he steered toward the cafe doors, spilling the coffee all over the table and her. Oh No, Bloody Nora! My sincerest apologies miss, reaching for the nearest stack of kerchiefs. As she wiped her shirt ...view middle of the document...

Unable to see anything from behind attempts to step on gas hopeful to escape the phantasm that held on to the car. Unaware of the hulky presence materializing close by, begins acceleration again the phantom mirage in the rain lets go leaving her barreling out on the isolated road at high speed.
“I arrive at a strange looking building appears to be rather dilapidated to leave for London, in the hopes of procuring my first sale of handmade purses. The barrage soaks me to the bone as, I race inside hastily, freezing on this late October morning, scolding myself for letting it slip my mind to bring my umbrella, dripping my way across the dusty floor, while everyone stares with exceeding intensity.”

Amelia handed money to the man in the ticket booth, whose name tag declared him to be Mr. Abner G. McGregor crinkled his nose at the dreadful weather as he gazed toward the door, he noticed a burly older gent arrive from out of thin air and without a drop of moisture on his clothes. Amelia unaware while standing at the ticket booth. Bloody Nora! The blasted cloudbursts now coming down even harder than ever! Checked the clock as she tried to dry herself and her baggage off, grimaced and grumbled impatiently uttering, I hope the bloody trains still arriving at nine-thirty!

Mr. McGregor came on speaker as she strolled away: Welcome to Blackwell Station. Due to the wicked conditions outside, with worse predicted tonight, all scheduled departures and arrivals now canceled until further observation! I am afraid that the country roads leading back toward the city have flooded out my sincerest apologies but you are stuck here for the night. We regret the inconvenience this caused everyone. For a moment, Amelia glared with petulance in her eyes toward the doorway; as the clerk went off speakers. With exasperate sighs... What else can go wrong now!

Folks that remained stuck at the station snarled and cussed the rain, ready to yank their hair out! Others picked up their bags were quick to leave. Amelia moving toward the nearest bench, the mysterious older gent collided with her, causing her to about trip and spill her possessions on the dusty floor. Apologize generously aiding in picking up things, as she put them back into her purse did not seem to react to her soaked clothing as her helped Amelia to her feet.

Quiver with laughter, so much for polite introductions my name is Darren, Darren Randall Duncan. Please, call me Darren and you are? Aggressively run hands through her curls, Amelia... Sinclair Stirling. Where are you traveling too sir, I mean Darren? I don’t like taking the trains. I prefer traveling by foot that is if its not very far—otherwise stay put where I am, which happens to be nearest to this station.
The commuters wandered around the little station, looking for things to keep them engrossed as they waited for the dismal weather to clear. Slamming her fist on the bench with sour expression, flung the cards down on top of the bench....

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