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Ghosts: Undeniable Or Unrealibale Essay

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The supernatural world, and the idea of ghosts, is divided between skeptics and believers. As a matter of fact, one can’t turn on a scary movie, sit around a campfire, or walk out their door on Halloween night without hearing of such things. Although entertaining, this is unfortunate as many people in today’s day and age use these shows for more than they are meant to be used for. Many use them as fire to fuel their arguments while others dismiss them as “fake” because they don’t represent ghosts properly. Although seemingly importantly, the question shouldn’t be, are these shows and stories portraying ghosts correctly, but rather, are they even real. This question, are ghosts real, is an issue that both skeptics and believers have been pondering for years as either side really knows the truth of the matter. More notably, the issue holds some importance as either way, real or not, the idea of ghost’s forces one to question their own beliefs, feelings, and morals and face the idea of death head-on (Parra, 416).
As mentioned earlier, stories of ghosts can be traced to many different areas of life including movies, stories, and even ancient history. From depictions of ghosts in Shakespeare’s famous plays to Famous Films “Casper”, there is no escaping what has become quite easily one of the most questionable subjects in today’s day and age. Over time, these productions and publishing have led to continued inquiries and thus, the issue has developed. People on one side say that ghosts are real as they claim to have encounter such figures. People who don’t believe simply account them as made up and figments of our imagination. With hardcore evidence lacking and a world full of technology, either side has valid reasons for their beliefs and thus gives way as to why so many hold dear and fight so hard for believe.
The believer in ghosts points out two specific motives as to why they feel the way they do. The first is that the existence of ghosts can be traced back to scientific evidence and proof. With this, people can research and study reliable sources that show that there was an actual ghost present at said time and location and they do portray the qualities and characteristics of a ghostly image (Wiseman, 2007). As of today, the current criterion (or informal definition) says that a ghost is an object or figure that manifests in a visible form and is disembodied from the Earthly realm. It portrays characteristics of a human or once living life-form and registers a false negative image when recorded with a camera (Brown, 5). Although useful, this description can be adjusted as there is not one universally agreeable definition of a ghost (Radford, 2013).
Secondly, opponents point out the increasing number of personal ghost encounters recorded in recent years. As of 2005, 22% of Americans claim they have seen or felt the presence of a ghost. This percent has increased 4% since the poll held in 2004 (Alfano, 2009) It’s with this and other...

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