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“A father may turn his back on his child, brothers and sisters may become enemies, husbands may desert their wives and vice versa, but a mother’s love endures through all”, as once said by Washington Irving. A mother endures a lot of pain throughout her life from the moment her child is in the womb to her death bed. Nothing in the world can repay the sacrifices mothers have made, which make them one of a kind. The archetype of a mother is always portrayed in characters as someone who makes sacrifices, has unconditional love, and protects their child.

Mothers make sacrifices without thinking twice for the well being of their child which is showed in Room, the ...view middle of the document...

In the documentary of Jaycee Lee Dugard, Jaycee Lee was raped and gave birth to two daughters. Although Jaycee Lee was raped, she still accepted her daughters. Jaycee Lee tells the reporter when her first child was born, “Birth was painful, but when I saw my daughter she was beautiful. I knew I could never let anything happen to her”. Usually victims of rape may not be able to face their children because it may remind them of their rapists but not with Jaycee. Jaycee Lee Dugard now lives happily with her daughters. Also in The Help Aibileen loved the child she took care of, Mae Mobley. Mae Mobley’s mother, Elizabeth did not care about her child due to Mae’s appearance. Mae Mobley was a bit chubby, had a bald spot and did not fit into society’s expectations. Elizabeth neglects, physically and verbally abuses her child. “[after Mae Mobley has used a toilet made for African American women who work at the house, Elizabeth pulls Mae off and spanks her; crying sounds are heard off screen] You will get a disease from those toilets!”. Ailibleen was the only motherly figure is Mae’s life. Ailibleen taught Mae Mobley love, kindness, equality, but more importantly self-love. Furthermore, in the painting Les Demoiselles, it shows a motherly figure with her head lovingly bent kissing a child’s forehead along with her arms around the child. “The religious connotations of any picture involving a mother and child are inevitable”. It clearly shows warmth and affection towards the child which makes the child appear calm and at peace. Therefore, providing unconditional love shows the child they are always thought about and it increases mental health and self confidence.

Along with sacrifice and unconditional love, protection is what a mother feels in order for her child to be safe as shown in Room, the documentary of Jaycee Lee Dugard, and The Help. In Room ‘Ma’ tries her best to protect her son Jack although they are captured in a small shed. Ma orders Jack to hide in a wardrobe each time her rapist Old Nick comes into the shed. The wardrobe symbolized safety for Jack from Old Nick. Additionally, in the documentary of Jaycee Lee Dugard, Jaycee avoided freedom from her captors in order to protect her children, she was afraid that if she tried to escape her childrens lives would be at stake. Instead of trying to escape, Jaycee Lee stayed with her children and taught them as much as she could through the internet. She tried doing the best she could for her daughters, but eventually escaped to provide full protection from her cruel captors. In the movie The Help, Aibileen...

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